Six recordings of a tune named
Jimmy Ward’s
With a tune named
Sliabh Russell

Jimmy Ward’s (jig) is also known as An Chéad Phunnann, Clare, The Clare, The First Sheaf, Jim Ward’s, Jimmy Ward J.G., Jimmy Ward’s Favourite, Jimmy Ward’s J.G., Port Shéamus Mhic A Bháird, Seamus’s, Tom Ward’s, Ward’s, Ward’s Favorite, Ward’s Favourite.

Sliabh Russell (jig) is also known as Russell’s, Sleive Russell, Sliabh Russel, The Sliabh Russell, Slieve Russel, Slieve Russell, The Slieve Russell.

An Seo by Ragús

  1. Jimmy Ward’s
  2. Sliabh Russell
  3. The Rambler

Heathery Breeze by Matt Molloy

  1. Slieve Russell
  2. Jimmy Ward’s

Jane Blair And William MacMorran by Jane MacMorran

  1. Butlers Of Glen Avenue
  2. Sliabh Russell
  3. Cathal McConnell’s
  4. Jimmy Ward’s

live by Sláinte

  1. Slieve Russell
  2. Ward’s
  3. Connaughtman’s Rambles

Stolen by Fallen Off a Truck

  1. Jimmy Ward’s
  2. Slieve Russell
  3. Congress

The Bunch Of Keys - Traditional Irish Music Played On The Piano Accordion by Various Artists

  1. Castletown Connors
  2. Ward’s
  3. Sliabh Russell