Chanson D’Automne waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Chanson D'Automne
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
A6|c6|e6|g6|(g6|g2) g2f2|(e6|e6)|
ag|:f3ed2|d^c de fa|e3d (c2|c2) e2c2|
d3c (B2|B2)c2B2|1A^G AB cd|eA Bc de:|2(A6|A4)|]
ecF ecF|dBE dBE|cAE cAE|B^GD BGD|
AEC AEC|cAE cAE|ecA ecA|aec aec|
gdB gdB|fdB fdB|eB^G eBG|eB^G eBG|
c'ae c'ae|b^gd bgd|b^gd bgd|aec aec|
aec aec|gec ecA|cAF cAF|dAF dAF|
ecA ecA|^dcA dcA|ecA ecA|f2A2B2|cde dce|dcB dcB|Ace Ace|a4:|

Two comments

Chanson D’Automne

This tune was reputedly the Last Waltz played as the Titanic went down. It is what the French would call a waltz-musette, hence the (approximate) arpeggio third part to be played as a variation or an underlay to the first part (if you are brave enough to play it).
It has been a favorite of mine for decades

Thanks so much AGAIN Geoff……I never realised how much there was to this tune……boy have I got a tough time ahead of me !!!
It must have taken you ages to notate it…..I owe you a beer mate……
see you…..Charlie….