Vankarin Polska three-two

By Andy May

Also known as Shotgun.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Vankarin Polska
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
a4 e2 d2 cd e2|=g3 e f2 d2 B2 ed|c2 A2 f2 ed e2 c2|B2 e2 f2 ef g2 fg|
a4 e2 d2 cd e2|=g3 e f2 d2 B2 ed|c2 A2 f2 ed e2 c2|B2 AG A8:|
|:F2 A2 A2 e2 d2 c2|B3 c BAGF G2 E2|F2 A2 A2 e2 d2 c2|B2 A2 G2 F2 E4|
F2 A2 A2 e2 d2 c2|B2 e2 f2 ef g2 fg|a4 f2 ed e2 c2|1 B2 AG A4 A2 G2:|2 B2 AG A8||

Eight comments

Vänkärin Polska

A Finnish polska, written by Andy May, a Northumbrian Piper from Gateshead. Apparently he tried to write a traditional Northumbrian three-two, and came up with this, only to be told, by the Finns he plays in a band with (Baltic Crossing), that in fact he’d written a Finnish Polska, not a Northumbrian three-two. Then they gave it a Finnish name.
I heard the band, the tune and the story in Folkworks this year, and learnt the tune, as I often seem to do, from Myspace:

Nothing to do with Ireland or its’ music. Should be deleted.

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Brilliant tune this Joe thank god you put in on here and that you didn;t delete it or I would be in a right mess. This idea of putting un-irish tunes on a website is SUCH a good way of building a repertoire and broadening evryone’s musical knowledge…I salute you.

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The mere fact that there is an option for three-two tunes on this website demonstrates that it is not SOLELY for Irish music. Sure, mostly, but you try and find me an Irish three-two.


The same with the Strathspey category - the category is not called “Highlands” after all!

Kenny, just my words…….

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I LOVE this tune thank you SO much Joe for posting it! It’s wonderful! I remembered this tune and the story behind it, and I very much hoped that one day I would be able to see it and play it again! So many blessings! Finnish polska…wonderful to both dance and play and when Laura gets home I shall ask her what Vänkärin means…

I think maybe people should find better things to do than wait for a non-Irish tune to pop up so they can attack it. If you are such a vigilant fan of Irish music, go and play some, rather than sitting and complaining about non-Irish music.

(I just reread this post and I’m shocked at my terrible grammar and I think I might have to get an English tutor!)

Vankarin Polska

I also learned this tune recently from the Finnish band Frigg…they tell me it means The Shotgun Polske. I agree, it’s a great tune.