Ronnie’s jig

By Finbar Furey

Also known as The Box And Chanter, Finbar Furey’s Delight.

There are 2 recordings of this tune.

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Five comments

Ronnie’s Jig

One of the simplest jigs ever, and I thought I was the only one still playing it. It was composed by Finbar Furey, who played it on a radio show in the early 70s, and I think it may be on the first ever cassette tape I recorded. Finbar lived in Edinburgh in the late 60s, and was a great friend of Scotland’s most popular traditional musicians at that time, the “Corries". He had written and recorded a tune for Roy Williamson, whom Finbar had taught flute and whistle, an air called “Roy’s Hands”. I suppose to keep the peace, he felt he then had to write a tune for the other half of the duo, Ronnie Brown, so this is it.
I’d nearly forgotten all about it, but found recently that none other than Seamus Tansey has recorded it, as “Finbar Furey’s Delight”. “Ronnie’s Jig” was the title given to the jig by Finbar.
Nice tune for beginners / learners on whistle.

“Ronnie’s Jig” ~ by Finbar Furey ~ trying to make it a bit more ‘Irish’ 😛

Let’s see, repeats might help don’t yuh think? ~ AABB instead of as is ~ AB??? 😏

X: 2
T: Ronnie’s
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
K: Dmaj
|: A |
FAA dAA | BAG A2 G | F2 A DAA | G2 A FED |
FAA dAA | BB/A/G A2 G | FAA DAA | GEC D2 :|
|: A |
dBA A2 a | agf g2 a | fdA FAA | G2 A FED |
dc/B/A A2 a | agf gag | fdA FAA | GEC D2 :|

Or, for you flautists, GEA D2 :|
& another option for that second lead-in ~ |: a | ~

I just know I’m going to regret this… 🙁

whew! i thought maybe we’d run out of Irish tunes.

Hardly Dont, I’m just stalled on a load of the nameless… Besides, there’s all those rearranging of the old into new that keeps ever on…like this one… 😉