O’Kanes hornpipe

Also known as Brian O’Kane’s, O’Kane’s, The Sore Head.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: O'Kanes
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3DEF|:(3GFG dG BG (3Bcd|gd (3d^cd BcdB|(3cBc ac bgag|(3fga ef dcBc|
dg (3gfg dBGB|cA A2 CEAG|(3FED cA FDEF|1 AG (3FGA G2 (3DEF:|2 AG (3FGA G2||
ef|:(3fgf dg dBGB|AE E2 cBAG|(3FED FA d^c=cA|GBde fgcA|
BDGB ce e2|dedB GB (3dcB|cdfd cADF|1 AG (3FGA G2 ef:|2 AG (3FGA G2||
X: 2
T: O'Kanes
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:(3DEF|(3GFG dG BG (3Bcd|gd (3d^cd B=cdB|(3cBc ac bgag|
dg (3gfg dBGB|cA A2 CEAG|(3FED cA FDEF|AG (3FGA G2:|
|:ef|(3gfg dg dBGB|AE E2 cBAG|(3FED FA d^c=cA|GBde fdcA|
BDGB ce e2|dedB GB (3dcB|cdfd cADF|AG (3FGA G2:|
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Start of my “penance”!

This tune comes from a 1970’s tunebook which appears to be a collection of trad stuff heard in sessions at the Regents Hotel, in Leeds, Yorkshire. Its attributed to one Brian O’Kane.

I don’t know if You are new to ABC’ing (it can be tricky), but I think it’s difficult to read Your version, so here is another.
Very good hornpipe indeed!!!

X: 1
T: O’Kane’s
S: “Music from Ireland 1” (Bulmer & Sharpley)
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: G
(3DEF|(3GFG dG BG (3Bcd|gd (3d^cd B=cdB|(3cBc ac bgag|\
(3fga ef dcBc|
dg (3gfg dBGB|cA A2 CEAG|(3FED cA FDEF|AG (3FGA G2 :|
ef|(3gfg dg dBGB|AE E2 cBAG|(3FED FA d^c=cA|GBde fdcA|
BDGB ce e2|dedB GB (3dcB|cdfd cADF|AG (3FGA G2 :|

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Sorry sorry sorry

Sorry andy9876!!! The sheetmusic is OK now. I just checked the ABC before it was converted to sheetmusic by Jeremy

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~ sessions at the Regents Hotel, in Leeds, Yorkshire

Tell us more, what is the name of the collection. How cool is that, a ‘regional’ collection of tunes, not just regional but a Hotel session’s… I’d love to see the tune list…

10 traditonal tunes on the tally, 10 traditional tunes,
Take one down and give it a go,
9 traidional tunes on the tally… 😉

Sometimes, which may have been the case here, Jeremy intervenes and makes the corrections before the conversion to sheetmusic….

Duplication? ~ 😏

Sorry gang, I uave a sneaking suspicion this one is already here, but haven’t the time just now to check. It also has another name, rather than just an attribution… When I get time I’ll chase it up, but suspect someone will beat me to it… It isn’t an unusual number but an ‘old’ standard. It just isn’t coming to mind right now, partly because I’m rushing off somewhere and in a mild panic…

“Music from Ireland, Volume 1” ~ Dave Bulmer & Neil Sharpley, 1974

ISBN: 0-9503784-02

Now it sinks in, and I’ve just checked, it was the “Bulmer & Sharpley” collection you were on about and had pulled this from? Ceili’s transcription is in line with the book’s, which also has ‘lead-ins’ and no 1st and 2nd endings:

Page 28, tune #74: “O’Kane’s Hornpipe”

Hot stuff! I can’t believe it, but as far as a half dozen searches to, it isn’t here. “O’Kane’s” may be as I knew it, but it wasn’t a rare tune and got a lot of play time ~ way back when… It is good to see this lovely old hornpipe here.

Andy, be sure to correct your ABCs, as ceili has it, with the missing naturals, the c’s. There’s no c flat (_c) in the tune… (_c = B)…

ceili has the notation spot on, no 1st and 2nd endings. As well, the final measure, even if taking it your way, would not be ~

:|2AG(3FGA G2z2||


:|2AG(3FGA G2||

allowing for the repeat to include the triplet ~ (3DEF | ~

If you need any help with ABC’s, even just to confirm your transcriptions, while you get a hand on it, there are plenty of folks you can ask who would be willing to help…

Now I’m late… Ouch! 😏

O’Kane’s Marches

I play O’Kane’s No 1 March and I play O’Kane’s No 2 March so I’ll just have to call this one O’Kanes No 3 March

The Sore Head

Colin Nea recorded this tune on this Pure Box album as The Sore Head. I don’t know where the name comes from (he probably made it up!) It also appears in “Irish Music Banjo Tutor” by Owen Hackett. He calls it O’Kean’s Hornpipe.

O Kane`s Hornpipe

I composed this Hornpipe back in the 60`s along with a load of marches when I was playing with the Siamsa ceili band.The version posted by `ceili`(above) is good but the definitive one is in Josephine Keegan`s great collection-“ A Drop in the ocean“.Will eventually get round to posting more of my tunes if the man above allows me.Well played Colin

posted by Brian-2012