West Mabou reel

Also known as The West Mabou.

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The West Mabou Reel

Cape Breton tune which is on Alasdair Fraser’s Return to Kintail album with Tony McManus -- the set it’s part of is The Marquis of Huntley / The Ewie Wi’ the Crooked Horn / John Cheap the Chapman / Peerie Weerie / The West Mabou Reel. Really joyful tune!

Another version I found online is at http://members.tripod.com/~Rosin_the_bow/tunes.html -- based on the playing of Ashley MacIsaac and Buddy MacMaster.

T:West Mabou
O:Cape Breton
C:Trad.-Ashley MacIsaac, Buddy MacMaster
e|g2 dg e2 dB|g2 dg eaab|g2 dg e2 dB|A2 GA BGGe|
g2 dg e2 db|g2 dg eaag|bgaf gfed|efga babg|
eddB dedB|A2 GA BAAg|eddB dedB|A2 GA BGGg|
eddB dedB|A2 GA BAAe|g2 bg e2 dB|A2 GA BGG||

Gosh, well spotted, David! So it is!

Wow, I can hear the similarities once I pop out a midi, but looking at the patterns of the dots, I can’t see it at all…interesting. A case of similar origins, tune families, what-have-you…

Also on Beolach - Variations under the West Mabou name. Great sounding tune, can’t wait to play it myself.

Re: West Mabou

Plays very good as strathsprey, but to me, only as mediocre reel.