Two recordings of
West Mabou
The London Lasses

West Mabou (reel) is also known as The West Mabou.

The London Lasses (reel) is also known as London Lassies, The London Lassies, Streams In The Valley, The Streams In The Valley.

Cape Breton Tradition by Buddy MacMaster

  1. The Grey Seal’s Lament For Its Pup
  2. Miss Ann Moir’s Birthday
  3. The Duke Of Gordon’s Birthday
  4. London Lasses
  5. West Mabou

Rosining Up the Bow: Cape Breton Fiddling by Donny LeBlanc, Hilda Chaisson, Paul M. MacDonald

  1. Connemara Stockings
  2. The Beatons Of Mabou
  3. West Mabou
  4. London Lasses