The Star hornpipe

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Sheet Music3
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Sheet MusicD7GEmDCGAmD3
Sheet MusicD7GEmDCEmD7G
Sheet MusicD7AmCGCAmD3
Sheet MusicD7GEmDCEmD7G

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The Star Hornpipe

Learned from the flute and fiddle duet playing of Sean and Kevin Moloney. Kevin Moloney was the member of the Ballinakill Ceili Band, and he learned this hornpipe from Leo Rowsome while the piper was visiting East Galway.

I’ve never heard this tune before, but is it still played by anyone anywhere in the world, or is it almost forgotten?

Some would argue it would be best forgotten, it not exactly an inspired tune.

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I quite like it. Have you tried the version in O’Neill’s, slainte? I think got some nice turns in it.

I’ve edited the key sig and a couple of the accidentals here and there so they make sense:

X: 1
T: The Star
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: hornpipe
K: Gmaj
Bc|d^cdf ge=cA|GFGB D2EF|GFGA BABc|d^cdf A2B=c|
d^cdf ge=cA|GFGB D2EF|Gedc BAGF|A2G2 G2:|
|:cB|A^GAB cBcd|e^def g2gf|edcB cBAG|F2D2 D2Bc|
d^cdf ge=cA|GFGB D2EF|Gedc BAGF|A2G2 G2:|

I don’t think this tune is very well-crafted, but still better than The Trumpet Hornpipe, isn’t it?

I’ve looked at the O’Neill version, but prefer a straightforward setting I myself transcribed. Just a flautist’s opinion, though.

Northumbrian style

I played like a Newcastle hornpipe and thought it was rather good. Deceptively simple but with enopugh unexpected changes of direction to make it interesting. I suspect that its not Irish in origin. Its not as flash as the various stage hornpipes but bears a lot of similarity to the hornpipes that were being published on Tyneside between say 1820 and 1860.

I’m glad it was put on the site. Thank you.
Angels of the North

I think your straightforward setting’s really boring, Slainte 😉

Sounds somewhat like Rowley Burn, Dorset HP and Dermot Byrme’s as played by Padraig Rynne ( Quillan’s?)

best played dotted or undotted??

for all the poor comments this is a gorgeous little tune on The Moloney’s CD coming out of the key change from Tommorow Morning, less is more sometimes

The Star, X:3

A march version of the tune with chords. This goes with the Barred galaxy and Morning Star marches to make an astronomical set for dancing.
I like the chord pattern, particularly the way it starts on dominant seventh chord.

Re: The Star

Yes, there’s definitely a Northumbrian lilt to this. It has no charm unless you play it dotted with a good swing.