Alistair Hunter’s reel

Also known as Alistair Hunter.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Alistair Hunter's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
"G"B2BA "^em"GEB,E|"G"GFGA BABc|dedB "D"ABAF|"^em"GEED E3:|
|:B|"^em"e2ef "C"gage|"G"dedB GABd|"^em"e2ef "C"gfed|"^em"Beed e2ef|
gfeg "D"fedf|"^em"eBBA "G"GABd|efge dBAF|"^em"GEED E3:|
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Heard on:
Muriel Johnstone - Roy Goldring Dances [CD]
Music for 15 Scottish Country Dances played by Marian Anderson (accordion), Keith Smith (fiddle), Muriel Johnstone (piano), Ronnie Currie (bass) and Gordon Smith (drums).

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““Another boring non-irish tune here on THESESSION”” ;-P

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I guess we’ll have to wait until an Irish musician records a hot version of it before its acceptable here…

The last straw

Congratulations, “fiel”. You’ve just persuaded me to quit this website.

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Kenny, check your e-mail.

non-irish yes, but not boring celtic…….

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Hi, fiel, thanks for this tune, I appreciate it a lot. I know that harmonizing is not part of the tradition and I also read the respective thread. Still I think this one calls for harmonies, due to the vertical structures in the melody. My version is slightly different to fiel´s:
A ||:e |G |D |D |e |G |D |e :||
B ||: C |G |C |e |G D |e |C D |e :||


I forgot to ask who composed it. Muriel Johnstone? Or is it “Traditional”?

Congatulation Kenny

But why? There is a lot of good Irish stuff here!

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Thank YOU!
Those who add good SUGGESTIONS to tunes have a place in heaven. 😉

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if some ppl would spend more having fun playing music they love rather than attacking the music they dont, everyone would be alot happier. 🙂

To try to strike some balance, as unbalanced as I am, Kenny has never said he didn’t like a particular tune or melody, he has just tried to call for ‘balance’ in tune submissions in keeping with what most of us take as the main heart of this website ~ Irish music…

There are those of us here who could flood the site with endless other things, early music, country dance pieces, Breton, French Italian, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, American, Latino ~ for any one category there are 1,000’s of tunes… For any one character there is the possibility of a website with that focus, and for some such websites already exist, if not for all? But, this website, as some know it and respect it, and as is it’s focus and seed or origin, is about Irish music ~ not Balkan, not Scandinavian, not French, not Icelandic…

So, yes, a little of this and that is fine, choice morsels. Kenny, as far as I can remember, and ‘mostly’, has not attacked the tune but the submission, and that when an Irish tune is rare, either in a given week or one-after-the-other as driven by one persons passion for other things. So, it isn’t about the music, it is about the people doing the submitting and not showing any attempt at ‘balance’…

Even in most mixed sessions you won’t find Klezmer music or Balkan mixed meters. If you do, they are rare and few, unless that’s what the session is about. In Ireland, in Irish sessions, despite the bozouki, they remain rare to non-existent… Well, this session, this site, is about Irish music, it is an Irish session, with the grace to welcome the occassional tune of other origins…and favouring Scottish as the second choice, close ties as they are, and inclusive of that tradition’s other homes ~ the Isles and Cape Breton, etc…

Kenny puts a lot of effort into supporting the music in his own community. He doesn’t need my support, but I, personally, am not fond of ‘interpretation’ that is way off the mark and sweeping statments of judgement raised from that lack of understanding…

Now, as I’m sure Kenny is doing, I’m going to go enjoy some music…

Great Tune.

Fiel I like the tune you have submitted. It is a tune that lends itself to adding your own variations.

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have you noticed how the overall melodico-rhytmic effect of a jig often belies its boring, 6- even quaver-a bar looks?
Same can be said of reels; some sound like Hornpipes, other ones strathspeys or even polkas, some have an Appalachian or Balkan feel, etc
This one, with its stress-on-the beat pattern belongs in the ‘marching’ category, I think…

I was tempted to say ‘boring’ at first but the 2nd part is particularly nice and ‘colours’ the first one nicely on the way back. It’s all in the ‘leave and take’ all right.