Planxty Bunting reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Planxty Bunting
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:Bc|:d2dc BcdB|~E2cE ~D2FD|ABcA dc(3Bcd|GBdG E2cE|1 DGFA G2Bc:|2 DGFA G2gf||
gddc (3Bcd(3GAB|cBcA d^cde|fe(3fga gddc|(3Bcd(3GAB cBcA|1 dcAF G2(3Bcd:|2 dcAF G2Bc||
|:c2Bc A2ed|(3cBABG A3e|f2ef/e/ d2gf|efed cdec|
dedc BcBA|GAGF E2ed|cd/c/BA cBAG|1 Aece A2ed:|2 Aece A3e||
|:a2ag a2b2|c'zc2 c3c'|c'bag fedc|BcdB G2AB|cd/c/Bc de/d/cd|edeg a3a|
gzGg f3f|edce d3d|dccB BAAG|GAGF E2ed|cd/c/BA cBAG|1 Aece A3e:|2 Aece A2Bc||
|:E2E2 B2AF|E2E2 d2Bd|e2B2 B2AF|d2cd B2AF|E2E2 B2AF|E2E2 d2Bd|e2B2 B2AF|E2C2 E4:|
|:BABc d2cd|BABc d2cd|e2B2 B2AF|d2cd B2AF|E2E2 B2AF|E2E2 d2Bd|e2B2 B2AF|1 E2C2 E4:|2 E2C2 E2Bc||

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From the Chieftains Celtic harp album. The second part is really nice… It was fairly hard to transcribe from a live recording, along with the fact that I’m still working on catching everything they do in those. Feel free to correct me on any parts that may be wrong. I transcribed the first part from most of what the uilleann pipes play so it may not be exactly like the way it’s played with the whole band and harp orchestra.

More like a set dance instead of a reel though, really.

The first part is repeated twice, then the second part (only :,( ) is played through once, then back to the first part once, and then the third part once through, then back to the first part twice. I really don’t understand planxtys very much….

3 in 1

You have three tunes separate here. the first one , in the key of G, I am not familiar with but feel there is something not quite right in your transposition. The second tune is a version of “The Princess Royal” and the third is a song tune known as “The Rambling Sailor”.
It might be a good idea to go back to your source and check any sleeve notes.
it would also be a good idea to put something in your profile.

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Leiouekairna - ‘Planxty’ does not refer to a musical form, in the sense of ‘reel’ or ‘hornpipe’. It is a musical tribute to a person and can follow any form or rhythm.

As Hetty rightly says, this piece is actually three tunes strung together, at least two of which have already been submitted:

My guess is that the Chieftains made up the title ‘Planxty Bunting’ themselves. Edward Bunting was the first (and last) collector of Irish harp music. (See ). Presumably these three tunes appear in his manuscripts

…and, for the record, according to Websters Online Dictionary:

“PLANXTY” is a common misspelling or typo for: panty, planate, planet, planets, plant, plants, plenty. :.)

Chanter’s Tune & The Rambling Sailor

I’ve heard Martin Carthy sing “the Rambling Sailor” and recall that it is similar but not the same as “Chanters Tune” thanks ‘NCRC’ for your clarification.

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“The Chieftains: The Celtic Harp: A Tribute to Edward Bunting with the Belfast Harp Orchestra”

Track 4: Planxty Bunting

Sort of says it all, in a way, but I haven’t access to notes for this recording, however, here’s some info on it…

Derek Bell did all of the arrangments!

Five of the tracks on this album were recorded in Frank Zappa’s home studio before he died, ‘The Green Fields of America’ sung by Kevin Conneff being a personal favourite of his. Two months later, the album was completed in Windmill Lane Studios with The Belfast Harp Orchestra with whom they had played and recorded a very successful show in London’s Barbican Centre a few months previously.

‘The Celtic Harp’ won a Grammy Award for ‘Best Traditional Folk Album’ in 1994.

#1 of 3.) ~ “Planxty Bunting”? ~ “The Chieftains” ~ C: Derek Bell?

#2 of 3.) “Miss MacDermott” / “The Princess Royal” by Turlough O’Carolan
Submitted on August 19th 2002 by cj.

#3 of 3.) “Chanter’s Song” / “The March Of The King Of Laiose”
Submitted on October 22nd 2003 by Oranaiche.

Tracks 2 & 4, “Tribute to Bunting” & “Planxty Bunting” are, as you’ve noted, ‘sets’ of tunes from the Bunting collection, those collected by Edward Bunting in 1792. I haven’t my Bunting books on hand at the moment, but, initially, the first one hasn’t rang any ‘Bells’ (heh, heh, heh!!! 😎 )

It might be better for these to exist seperately and for just reference to be given to their playing as a set of 3 under the ‘daft’ title “Planxty Bunting”…

Oh…. See, when I had the CD, I could almost swear it said in the booklet that Paddy Moloney had composed it… maybe he just composed the first part?…

Unless he’s over 300 years old…