Two recordings of
Hand Me Down The Tackle
The Banshee

Hand Me Down The Tackle (reel) is also known as Bob Steele’s, The Boys Of New York, The Hand Down On My Tackle, Hand Down The Tackle, Hand Me Down My Tackle, Hand Me Down The Tackles, Miss Flanagan, The Pure Drop, Reidy Johnnson’s, Reidy Johnson, Reidy Johnson’s, Sin Chugam Anuas An Tacla, Tom Steele, Tom Steele’s.

The Banshee (reel) is also known as Around The World, The Bansee, Bean An Mullóga Sióg, The Bean Si, Bean Sidhe, James McMahon’s, Kilcavan Banks, The Kilcavan Banks, MacMahon’s, McMahon’s, McMahon’s #3, Miss McMahon’s, Moyasta Junction, The Moyasta.

In The Heather by Various Artists

  1. Hand Me Down The Tackle
  2. The Pigeon On The Gate
  3. The Banshee

Living Hands by Sheena

  1. The Cup Of Tea
  2. The Banshee
  3. Hand Me Down The Tackles