News From Up North mazurka

Also known as La Ridée, Laridé, Laridé à Six Temps, Ridée, Ridée 6 Temps, Ridée à 6 Temps, Ridees 6 Temps.

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One setting

X: 1
T: News From Up North
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:eAAAGF EAABcd|eAeedc BGGABc|
deeedc BGGDEF|1 GGGEFD EFGAcd:|2 GGGEFD E4ef||
|:geeefd eAAAef|ggfgef dAAAef|
geeefd eAAAef|1 gggefd ef (3gfe (3agf:|2 gggefde4cd||
|:eaaagf eAABcd|eaeedc BGGABc|
deeedc Bggdef|1 gggefd eeedcd:|2 gggefde6||

Ten comments

one of my own compositions…
it is a kind of a “ridée” (inspired by the breton dance music)

So, tell us when you will post a traditional Irish tune.

slainte - just my words

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I think the tune would be written correctely in 3/4 and with |XXXX XXXX XXXX| (?)
As all of the real tradional tunes are published here already, I think the chance to silence these lads here is to publish some more contemprary Irish tunes as you have done before. The sessioneers in Ireland are maybe less conservative as the foreign lovers of IrTrad…


Don’t think so! What gives you that idea ‘swissp’? that completely destroys the tune.
My personal choice would be 6/4 retaining the phrasing. A 3/2 is quite different in form and feel. In each bar here I am counting 1+2+3+4+5+6+. In a standard 3/2 there would clearly be 3 main beats in each bar unlike this tune.
Given the catagories available on the session it’s difficult to find a description that places it. To me this is not a 3/2 so that should not have been used. As written it is clearly not a waltz or mazurka although if the bars were devided in half this would then come closer to being a Mazurka and so 3/4 would be a suitable timesignature and the written phrasing would not disturbed.

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matteo! where does the emphasis go? beats 1 & 4?
If so then best bet is to rewrite the tune as suggested and call it a Mazurka. You might even get away with linking it to ITM as there are Irish Mazurkas.

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All of the real traditional tunes have been posted on this site? Since when? It’s also very strange to call Flook tunes Irish.

slainte, that remark was kind of ironic - The last few tunes I posted were all deleted because there was another version here already. I try my luck again today, with *real“ trad.

I wrote the tune in 6/4 with the emphasis on 1 & 4. ‘t was not possible to post it like this…
and what’s the story about trad and not trad.. a musician’s mind is an open mind isn’t it..?!
sorry about that lads, aber da schlaft mir ds gsicht y!

“~ not possible to post it like this…” ~ Oh yes it is… 😎