Mrs Gordon’s reel

Also known as Mrs Gordon, Mrs Gordon’s Reel Uvie, Mrs. Gordon, Mrs. Gordon’s.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Mrs Gordon's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D2 Ad cdAd|cdef gecA|d2 Ad cdAd|BAGF EDCA,:|
dDFA fDFA|dDFA dcBA|eE^GB gEGB|eE^GB edce|
dDFA fDFA|dDFA dcBA|GABc defg|faBe dcBA||
X: 2
T: Mrs Gordon's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: F/G/A |d2 Ad BdAd | B/c/d ef g2 ec | d2 Ad B/c/d A2 | BAGE ED :|
|: ce |dDFA fFAc | dD F/G/A d2 cA |[1 eE^GB =gE^GE | e2 E/^G/B e2 :|
[2 GABc d2 e/f/g | fa e/d/c d2 |]

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Written by William Marshall and first published in 1822. Thanks to Andrew Kuntz’s "Fiddler’s Companion" site for the transcription. Has distinct similarities to McGoldrick’s

This isn’t already here? 😏 I continue to be surprised…

Is there a reason why it should be here already? 😏

Yes, it isn’t, at least with me, ‘uncommon’…

Including the William Marshall collection…

It could be a fluke, we do have a friend who is very fond of the William Marshall stuff… 😏

"Mrs. Gordon’s Reel" ~ probably polluted by related tunes

X: 2
T: Mrs. Gordon’s Reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: D
|: F/G/A |\
d2 Ad BdAd | B/c/d ef g2 ec |
d2 Ad B/c/d A2 | BAGE ED :|
|: ce |\
dDFA fFAc | dD F/G/A d2 cA |
[1 eE^GB =gE^GE | e2 E/^G/B e2 :|
[2 GABc d2 e/f/g | fa e/d/c d2 |]

Well, Lord Gordon’s is popular enough, being a Coleman classic, and I hear it paired occasionally with Lady Gordon’s at the sessions I go to, but I’ve never heard of a Mrs. Gordon, and certainly never heard this tune in a session or on a recording for that matter. I don’t recognise it at all. Not that it’s not a nice tune - it’s lovely. The 1st part reminds me of the Humours of Tulla, McGoldrick’s Reel (as Niall pointed out) and tunes like Sollus Lillis’. Which sessions have you heard it at, ‘c’? Scottish sessions? Where did you pick it up? Do you have a recording of the tune?

I enjoy the lydian phrases in the B-part. Seems to have been in fashion with the early Scottish tunes like the Bob of Fettercairn, although I can think of a couple of Irish tunes that have the same feature. Ed Reavy in particular used it to great effect in the Letterkenny Blacksmith

Cape Breton, wouldn’t you know… 😉

"Willliam Marshall’s Scottish Melodies" ~ released Summer, 2007

Someone else we knew also had re-released the Marshall collection, I think it was back in the 80s, and was fond of his music… Our copy is in the care of another or I’d add the specifics. It doesn’t seem to still be available, not that edition…

"Willliam Marshall’s Scottish Melodies" ~ more ~

"262 Strathspeys, Reels, Hornpipes, Marches, Jigs & Airs. A new edition by Randy Miller, Fiddlecase books. 2007, 322 pages, 7"x 8.5". All of Marshall’s known compositions are included.

William Marshall (1748-1833) is regarded as one of the greatest composers of Scottish fiddle music. His tunes have been played for generations, passed down from fiddler to fiddler to the present day in Cape Breton and parts of Scotland.

Included is a map, illustrations and the unabridged 1845 biography of Marshall. Also contains four reference appendices. "

Now we’re getting somewhere 😉

So are you saying then, that this is a common tune in Cape Breton?

Well, no, I did say it could be a fluke, but some folks did and do play this in Cape Breton… We had also learned it for playing for the square sets… I’ll check and see if I have it here on a recording or transcribed from someone else’s playing. We don’t have a lot of our Cape Breton commercial recordings on hand, and the fieldwork I did is over 100 hours and mostly oral history, and that needs to be redone, redigitized, as you’ll know, having had that hard drive fry on us and turn all our audio and graphic files into mush, when recovered. Fear has me moving back in that direction slowly.

Hey, have you got it in for me or something lately? Oh how I wish I could find those pictures to elfitize you… You’d make the perfect elf…

Nah ~ pookah! 😉

6 Collections of the music of William Marshall (1748 - 1833) of Fochabers in Morayshire, one of Scotland’s greatest fiddler-composers.

Marshall apparently composed this under the title "Mrs Gordon’s Reel - Uvie", and it is one of many tunes dedicated to a member of Clan Gordon. He worked for the 4th Duke of Gordon, and no doubt was meeting Gordons by the barrel load. It has been suggested that "Uvie" was a misprinted "Ugie", the latter being the name of a river in Gordon country. I don’t know why this was suggested, as "Uvie" is a place in Badenoch, up the Spey from Gordon Castle, where Marshall was employed. The 4th Duke of Gordon was also 7th Lord Gordon of Badenoch, and built the "capital" of Badenoch, Kingussie, at the end of the 18th century. Although Uvie is in MacPherson country, there would likely be Gordons hanging out there in Marshall’s day - also yon 4th Duke was known for "putting it aboot a bit", so wee Gordons were springing up all over the place. Anyway, the Lochan at Uvie, "Lochain Uvie", is well known to walkers and climbers, as it is a starting place to scale Creag Dubh.
Think of Miss Gordon if you are out that way, whoever she was.

I should have said "think of Mrs Gordon".

Maybe it would be kinder to think of her in her younger years before marriage took its toll? 😀

Aye, but if she was a Gordon before and after her marriage……….