Rachel Dafydd Ifan polka

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Five comments

“Rachel Dafydd Ifan” ~ answering a query

Rachel Dafydd Ifan ~ a personal name
The pronunciation guide ~
Rachel ~ as you’d expect
Dafydd ~ dah-v-i-th (‘f’ = ‘v’ / ‘ff’ = ‘f’) ~ ‘i’ as in ‘it’ / ‘th’ as in ‘the’, ‘them’, ‘this’
Ifan ~ ee-van (‘f’ = ‘v’ / ‘ff’ = ‘f’)

This is also played in A Major…

“Rachel Dafydd Ifan” ~ A Major

X: 2
T: Rachel Dafydd Ifan
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
R: polka
K: A Major
|: e/d/ |\
cc cc | e/f/e/d/ ce | BB BB | d/e/d/c/ Be/d/ |
cc cc | e/f/e/d/ ce | d/e/d/B/ G/B/e/d/ | cA A :|
|: c/e/ |\
aa ae | e/f/e/d/ ce | aa ae | d/e/d/c/ Bc/e/ |
aa ae | e/f/e/d/ ce | d/e/d/B/ G/B/e/d/ | cA A :|

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