Da Fashion O’ Da Delting Lasses reel

Also known as Da Fashion O Da Delting Lasses, Da Fashion O’ Da Deltin’ Lassies, Da Fashion O’ Da Delting Lassies, Da Fashion O’ Delting Lasses, The Fashion O’ The Lassies, The Fashion Of The Delting Lasses.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Da Fashion O' Da Delting Lasses
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
d2ef gefd|fgaf gfe(c|d2)ef gefd|ABAG FD D2|
d2ef gefd|fgaf gfe(c|d2)ef aefd|ABAG FD D2||

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Da Fashion o da Delting Lasses

This is a great Shetland reel which I learnt a couple of months ago from Jenna Reid, who was doing a weekend fiddle workshop in the lovely Yorkshire Dales. (Delting is an area in Shetland.)

For the 1st high ‘d2’ notes in bars 1,3,5,7 in the B-part, firmly catch the open D as a drone, so that it ‘rings’ for the rest of the bar. This gives the feel of the Aeae tuning sometimes used in Shetland and Hardanger fiddle tunes.

Note also the high ‘a’ in part B bar7 - don’t be caught out and just play another high ‘g’, as in bars 1,3,5 !

“Da Delting Lass’s Fling”

Nice one domnull, and it makes a damn nice highland fling as well… Give it a try. Play it with swing a few times, and then launch into the reel…

I’ll add that take later… 😉

I learnt this from Robin Sheperd who I believe is (or was) a Dales Workshop teacher…great tune!

Between the first and second bars of the B section…it sounds good to slur the D F# and G together…otherwise the slurring is spot on! 🙂

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Delting is an area (parish?) on Shetland’s Mainland immediately south of the narrow isthmus of Mavis Grind (pronounced like “M a v v i s g r i n n e d”) which joins the bulk of Mainland to its northern bit, Northmavine. It is not very far from the Sullom Voe oil terminal and from the ferry to Yell.

As happened from time to time in other places in Shetland in the old days, Delting lost men and boats in a disaster when open fishing-boats were swamped by an unforeseen squall.

Re: Da Fashion O’ Da Delting Lasses

This is the setting provided by Tom Anderson in that classic Shetland tune book from 1971, Da Mirrie Dancers. Credit where credit’s due.

Re: Da Fashion O’ Da Delting Lasses

In that case credit should be given to Arthur Peterson, whose setting of the tune was published by the Shetland Folk Society in Da Mirrie Dancers (Tom Anderson and Tom Georgeson, Lerwick 1970).