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One setting

X: 1
T: Clais An Adhmid
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
G, ~A,3 B,A,B,D|EDEF GABd|cAB^G AGEF|1 ^GEGB A2 ed:|2 ^GEGB A3 B||
|:A2 eA cAeA|A^GEF =GEDG|A2 eA cAeA|A^GEC D2 DF|
GE(3FED EDB,D|G,3 B, DG,B,D|C2 EA cAB^G|1 EAA^G A3 B:|2 EAA^G A2||

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Finbarr Dwyer

I learnt this tune from the Finbarr Dwyer recording "Accordion music from the Soul". It certainly sound like it could indeed be one of his own compositions. It’s quite a difficult tune (even for box players) but has that unmistakeable Dwyer stamp on it.

I think it’s a fantastic tune and, if it his one of Finbarr’s, then I think it’s one of his best. I’ve never heard it played elsewhere so I’m going to try and give it a bit more publicity next time I’m around at sessions.

Bear in mind, this is a very difficult tune to transcribe and I found it particularly difficult to find out what exact notes FInbarr was playing in bar 5 and 13 (ie bar 5 of part 2). That semiquaver G before the A roll in bar 5 is not a mistake. Listen to his playing and you’ll something along those lines. Now, I think he’s throwing some trick there which is very hard to notate or transcribe. He may be playing an A, and E together giving a chord effect. I’m not exactly sure, but this version is very close anyway.

By the way, my adequate standard of Irish tells me that Clais an Adhmid mean "The Wooden Sword" or "The Oak Sword".

Roman soldiers - or gladiators, or both - are said to have trained with wooden swords twice as heavy as their metal combat swords. This would have (a) made them fitter and (b) preventing them from skewering their mates. I wonder if the Gaels followed this commonsensical practise - or indeed, the other earlier inhabitants of ROI / UK.

After all, if the sword was only wooden it gave you an excuse to clobber someone you didn’t like *really* hard.

perhaps you would like to upload a better version 52Paddy?

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Re: Clais An Adhmid

I wanted to learn this tune but my instrument wouldn’t reach the lowest note. :(

Re: Clais An Adhmid

Indeed, this is one for the box players, that’s a low E in bar 5 not a G as Patrick thought, thus a note below the range of the fiddle.