Two recordings of
Anne McQuarrie’s

Scotsville (reel) is also known as Scottsville.

Anne McQuarrie’s (reel) is also known as Ann MacQuarrie, Ann MacQuarrie’s, Anne MacQuarrie, Anne MacQuarrie’s.

A Cape Breton Piper by Barry Shears

  1. Ann MacQuarrie’s
  2. The Brolum
  3. Scotsville
  4. Put Me In The Big Chest
  5. The Wedding Reel (Hamish The Carpenter)

The Beatons Of Mabou: Marches Jigs Strathspeys & Reels Of The Highland Scot by The Beatons

  1. MacKinnon’s Brook
  2. Angus Ronald’s Big Tune
  3. Mrs. John Angus MacArthur
  4. Hughie Rory MacKinnon
  5. Tamerack’er Down
  6. Ann MacQuarrie
  7. Scotsville