Blue Jigg jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Blue Jigg
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
dB|:"G" GBd ede|"G"ged ede|"G" GBd ede|"G"BGG GBd|
"C"ceg aga|"C"age gec|"G"GBd ede|"G"dBG GBd|
"D"dad ada|"C"cgc gcg|"G"GBd ged|"G"BGG GBd:|
"G"edB ede|"G"ege ede|"G"edB ede|"G"edB GBd|
"C"gec geg|"C" gec Ace|"G"edB ede|"G" edB GBd|
"D"bgd dfd|"C"aec cec|"G" ged BAG|1 "G"BGG GBd:|2 "G"BGG G3||

Four comments

Blue Jigg

Sooo… here is an attempt to write a jig using a
12 bar blues chord progression. (apologies in advance to the strict ITRAD
players on the list). I am not sure if it
is really in GMAJ, it could be in some variant having
just the f# (help here would be appreciated). Also,
since I play whistle, I am wondering whether it is
easily playable on the fiddle and/or other instruments.

Have fun.

Cool Tune

Hey John - this is a grand tune and it plays wel on the fiddle too - keep ’em coming!!

Blue Jig Revised.

I have revised the ABC notation for this tune. I think it plays better now.
I tried to post the new version seperately but have been told
never to post the same tune twice or add numbers to
a tune name. So, here is the revised version.
Happy New Year.

Well, it’s a lotta fun and it has its fingering challenges too! A nice break from the treadinary!