A Welcome Christmas Morning waltz

Also known as Welcome Christmas Morning.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: A Welcome Christmas Morning
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
E2|A,6|C4 E2|c4 B2|A6|A6|c4 B2|A4 E2|F2 E4|
C4 C2|C4 A,2|E4 F2|E6|F2 FF B2|B4 c2|B6-|B4 E2|
A,6|C4 E2|c4 B2|A6|A6|c4 B2|A4 E2|F2 E4|
F6|A4 d2|c4 B2|A6|G4 E2|F4 G2|A6-|A4||
X: 2
T: A Welcome Christmas Morning
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
E2|c6|c4 E2|c4 B2|A6|A6|c4 B2|A4 E2|F2 E2 E2|
F6|F6|E4 A,2|C6|B,6|B4 A2|G2 E4|EF GA B=c|
c6|c4 E2|c4 B2|A6|A6|c4 B2|A4 E2|F2 E4|
F6|A4 d2|c4 B2|c2 A4|G4 E2|F4 G2|A6-|A4||

Seven comments

“A Welcome Christmas Morning” ~ by Jimmy Shand

It was a nice morning too, fog, cold and beautiful and spent on a stroll admiring the lovely contrasts on trees and branches of a Winter sun’s yellow cast against dark shadow …

Here’s an opening if you want a few bars to introduce the tune, courtesy of ‘Jim Johnstone & His Band’ from “A Tribute to Jimmy Shand” ~

A2 | G4 E2 | F4 G2 | A6- | A4 |:

The basic transcript given here is from their playing of this melody and then from that of “The Occassionals”…

Jimmy Shand ~ minus a recording of the man himself paying it 🙁

What is crazy, with all the Jimmy Shand recordings we have, despite the lack of our LP collection, I haven’t got him playing this one, his own waltz. If anyone does I’d welcome a recording to do a transcription from, of the composer himself playing it… I tore this place apart last week but couldn’t find one… But I’d welcome a transcription of that from anyone else as well…

~ playing it… 😉 The bubbly had gotten the better of me…

Welcome Christmas Morning

Shand’s playing of it was on one of the Radio Scotland programmes over the past seven days, so you could hear it on Listen Again - I think it was The Reel Blend, but the playlist isn’t up yet. If that doesn’t work I can send you a copy.

Thanks Nigel, much appreciated. I’ll try to chase that up…

Welcome Christmas Morning

Reel Blend. About 9 minutes in. Playlist still not up.

Maybe its the Christmas bit, or maybe it’s because I love this tune so much since I heard Shand playing it years ago, but I always get a tear in the eye when I play it or hear it played.