Two recordings of a tune named
The Cook In The Kitchen
With a tune named
The Frieze Breeches

The Cook In The Kitchen (jig) is also known as Cook In The Galley, Northside Kitchen, The Northside Kitchen.

The Frieze Breeches (jig) is also known as Connla, Cunla, Freeze Bitches!, The Friar’s Breeches, The Friar’s Britches, Friars Britches, The Frieze Breetches, The Frieze Britches, Fry’s Britches, Gallagher’s, La San Sean, Ba Chraite An Mhaidin I’, The Old Frieze Britches, The Trumlo, The Vicar’s Knickers.

Champions Of Ireland: Flute by Grainne Kelly And Ciaran Madsen

  1. The Frieze Britches
  2. Cook In The Kitchen

Irish Dance Music by Various Artists

  1. The Frieze Breetches
  2. The Cook In The Kitchen
  3. Lannigan’s Ball