Twenty-two recordings of a tune named
Hudie Gallagher’s March

Also known as Darby Gallagher’s, Gallagher’s March, Hiudai Gallagher’s March, John Doherty’s.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with James Byrne’s (lots of times), Mickey Docherty’s (a few times), The Wedding (a few times), Grania’s Welcome Home (a few times), Welcome Home Grainne (a few times), An Buachaillin Bui, Bill Harte’s, Cape Breton, The Coleraine, Con Cassidy’s, Con Cassidy’s, Dancing Eyes, Dever The Dancer, The Eavesdropper, Gusty’s Frolics, The Hag At The Churn, I’m The Boy For Bewitching Them, The Irish Washerwoman, The Maid At The Well, My Darling Asleep, My Friend Sharon, The Rolling Waves, The Stormy Night, Three Deer And A Hare, The Wedding, Wellington’s Advance.

  1. Air-Fix by Ross Ainslie And Jarlath Henderson
  2. Altan’s Finest by Altan
  3. Ar Lorg na Laochra by Laoise Kelly agus Tiarnán Ó Duinnchinn
  4. Bundle And Go by John Doherty
  5. Ceol Na DTéad by Francie And Mickey Byrne
  6. Cloud Nine: New England Contra Dance Music by Airdance
  7. Fidil 3 by Ciarán Ó Maonaigh, Aidan O’Donnell, Damien McGeehan
  8. Good Morning To Your Nightcap by Paul Maguire, Desy Adams, Ruadhrai O’Kane, Ryan O’Donnell
  9. In Full Spate by Paddy Glackin
  10. Next Stop by Caladh Nua
  11. Pigtown Fling by Randal Bays And Joel Bernstein
  12. Racket In The Rectory by Liz Doherty And Fiddlesticks
  13. Standing Room Only by Eliot Grasso
  14. The First Ten Years: 1986 - 1995 by Altan
  15. The Irish Folk Festival : Jubilee by Various Artists
  16. The Long Finger by Barry Carroll And Joe McHugh
  17. The Red Crow by Altan
  18. The Road To Glenlough by James Byrne
  19. Tony O’Connell and Andy Morrow by Tony O’Connell And Andy Morrow
  20. Torch And Fire by Dan Beimborn
  21. Traditional Fiddle Music From Donegal by Con Cassidy
  22. Traditional Irish Music Played On The Uilleann Pipes by Robbie Hannan