Green Isle waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Green Isle
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emaj
|:"E" E4 e2|"G#m" d4 B2|"C#m" G3 A B2|"A" c4 B2|"E" B3 A G2|
"F#m" B4 A2|"D" F6|F3 E =D2|"Bm" =D4 E2|"A" E6 -|E6:|
|:"F#m" F3 A c2|f4 a2|"D" a3 g f2|"E" {f}g4 e2|[e6B6]|"C#m" B3 c B2|
"A" A3 B c2|e6|"F#m" e3 f g2|"E" g4 f2|"B" f6 -|f6:|
P: ending
|:"E" E3 F G2|"G#m" B4 =d2|"D" =d3 c A2|"A" E6|"G?" c3 B =G2|
"D" =D4 D2|=D3 C D2|1 "E" E6|"B" E4 D2|2 "E" E6 -|E6:|

Two comments

Green Isle

This is a beautiful waltz by Rodney Miller. The fact that the first section is 11 measures long and the second is 12 measures long gives it an interesting feel.

The last section is played the last time through only, as a coda. There’s a nice piano harmony there that I didn’t transcribe. One chord, labeled with a question mark, I didn’t figure out yet.

This is the first tune that I’ve posted (was transcribing it for myself anyway) so let me know if I’ve made mistakes!

Great tune, but the D naturals in there take away from it, to my ear… nothing else seems to work there though.