Twenty-eight recordings of Minnie Foster’s

Also known as The Black Swan, Down The Glen, Dr. Peter Carr’s, Dr. Peter’s, The Glengesh, Minnie Foster, Minnie Foster’s Clog, Minny Foster, Miss Minnie Foster, Miss Minnie Foster’s Clog, Sean Maguire’s Favourite.

This tune has been recorded together with Archie Menzie’s (a few times), The Cliffs (a few times), The Banks (a few times), Fly By Night (a few times), The Newcastle (a few times), Perth Assembly (a few times), Spellan’s Inspiration (a few times), The Acrobat, The Beeswing, The Chancellor, The Fisher’s Wedding, Galway Bay, The Galway, The Glenside, The Golden Eagle, The High Level, Kitty’s Wedding, The Lass On The Strand, The Roseland, The Second Star.

  1. Across The Black River by Kevin Burke And Cal Scott
  2. Auld School by Howie MacDonald
  3. Bean Ag Baint Duilisc by Danny O’Donnell
  4. Bedlam Born by Steeleye Span
  5. Black Swan by Lisa Ward
  6. Finding The Gold by Rig The Jig
  7. First Through The Gate by Brian Conway
  8. Forget Me Not: A Collection of 50 Memorable Traditional Irish Tunes by Séamus Connolly & Laurel Martin
  9. Full Polka Set / Ireland’s Number One by Johnny Reidy
  10. Humours Of Westport by Pat Friel
  11. Kebister Head by Bryan Gear And Violet Tulloch
  12. Méabh & Tiarnán Smyth by Méabh & Tiarnán Smyth
  13. Mike MacDougall’s Tape For Father Hector by Mike MacDougall
  14. Na Daoine Ata Imithe by Michael Dwyer
  15. Old Time Wedding Reels and Other Favorite Scottish Fiddle Tunes by Joseph Cormier and Friends
  16. Rattle The Boards by Rattle The Boards
  17. Rip the Bellows by Seagda Coyle
  18. Sean McGuire Plays by Sean McGuire
  19. Séid by Siobhan Kennedy
  20. Soul Food by Dale Russ
  21. The Bunch Of Keys - Traditional Irish Music Played On The Piano Accordion by Various Artists
  22. The Early Recordings Of Angus Chisholm by Angus Chisholm
  23. The High Level by Bobby Gardiner
  24. Traditional Fiddle Music Of Cape Breton Volume 2: The Rovers Return by Various Artists
  25. Traditional Music Of Ireland by Joe Burke
  26. Traditional Music Of Ireland And The Bucks Of Oranmore by Joe Burke & Charlie Lennon
  27. Turas by Seamus Walshe
  28. Ulster’s Flowery Vale by Various Artists