Two recordings of
Minnie Foster’s
Fly By Night

Minnie Foster’s (hornpipe) is also known as The Black Swan, Down The Glen, Dr. Peter Carr’s, Dr. Peter’s, The Glengesh, Minnie Foster, Minnie Foster’s Clog, Minny Foster, Miss Minnie Foster, Miss Minnie Foster’s Clog, Sean Maguire’s Favourite.

Fly By Night (hornpipe) is also known as Arthur’s Seat, Arthur’s Set, Fly By Night #2, The Fly By Night, The Fly In The Night, Louis Quinn’s, The Low Level.

First Through The Gate by Brian Conway

  1. Minnie Foster’s Clog
  2. The Newcastle
  3. Fly By Night #2

Full Polka Set / Ireland's Number One by Johnny Reidy

  1. Fly By Night No. 2
  2. Minnie Foster’s