Two recordings of
Coilsfield House
The Primrose Lasses

Coilsfield House (barndance) is also known as Coils Field House.

The Primrose Lasses (reel) is also known as 4 Nights Drunk, Byrne’s, Primrose Lass, The Primrose Lass, Primrose Lassie, The Primrose Lassies Highland Fling, The Primrose Lassies.

Live-Disc 1 by Natalie MacMaster

  1. Coilsfield House
  2. Mary Scott
  3. Tullochgorum
  4. Primrose Lasses
  5. Se

Mike MacDougall's Tape For Father Hector by Mike MacDougall

  1. Coilsfield House
  2. Munlochy Bridge
  3. The Duke Of Gordon’s
  4. Primrose Lasses
  5. Lord Wellington’s