Eight recordings of a tune named
The Old Lancashire Hornpipe

Also known as Lancashire, Lancashire Hornpipe, The Lancashire, The Old Lancashire, Old Lancaster, Old Lancaster Hornpipe, The Old Lancaster, Read House Rant, Reed House, Reed House Rant, The Reed House Rant, The Reed House, The Weed House Rent.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Bobbin’ John, Cheshire Round.

  1. Battle of the Field by Albion Country Band
  2. Beggar Boy Of The North by Greg Stephens And Crookfinger Jack
  3. Force 6 (Increasing Gale 9) by Windy Gyle Band
  4. Hardcore English: 50 Tunes From Manuscript, Recorded And Aural Sources by Various Artists
  5. Level Pegging by Jon & Alfie
  6. Marching Out Of Time by The Fifes And Drums Of Colonial Williamsburg
  7. One Big Fiddle by Lakeland Fiddlers
  8. Tunes by Spiers And Boden