Doinna waltz

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Doinna
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:e3 def|g3 edA|B4 A2|A3 G=F2|
=f4 e2|e4 A2|e3 def|g3 edA|
[1B4 E2|A3 Bc2|B4 A2|A4 A2:|
[2B4 E2|A3 Bc2|B3 ABc|d3 cB2|A4 E2||
|:A3 Bce|B3 AG2|g4 a2|e3 d^c2|d3 Ade|
[1=f6|e4 d/c/B/d/|c4 A2|B4 A2|G3 BcA|B4 A2|A4 E2:|
[2=f4 a2|e4 d/c/B/d/|c4 A2|B4 A2|G3 BcA|B4 A2|A4 A2||
X: 2
T: Doinna
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
e4de|g4e2|d4cA|B4E2|A4Bc|B4A2|1 A6-|A4A2:|2 B/c/d2c/B/A2-|A4E2|
=f4a2|e4dB|c4A2|B4A2|G4Bc|B6|1 A6-|A4E2:|2 A6-|A4||
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X: 3
T: Doinna
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
e3- (4:3edef g2e|d2c/A/ B3 A2G|=f3 He6|
e3- (4:3edef g2e|d2c/A/ B2E A2B/c/|B2A HA6||
e3- (4:3edef g2e|d2c/A/ B3 A2G|=f3 He6|
e3- (4:3edef g2e|d2c/A/ B2E A2B/c/|B-B/A/B/c/ d2c/B/ HA2||
E|A2B c2e B-{c}B/A/G|g3 e2d ^c2d|e3 d3- Hd2A|
d2e =f3 e(5:4{f}e/d/c/B/d/|c3 B2A G2B/c/|B2A A3- HA2||
E|A2B c2e B-{c}B/A/G|g2a e2d ^c2d|e3 d3- Hd2A|
d2e =f2a e(5:4{f}e/d/c/B/d/|c3 B2A G2B/c/|B2A HA6||

Eighteen comments

Forgive me for doing such a bad job on probably most of the tune but that’s about how it went in my head… I couldn’t figure out what time signature this would be in but most of you know, and for those of you who don’t, this is a lament, so it’s played freely.

😏 ~ ?!

I’m not so sure you can consider them to be the same baglady, “Doinna” & doinas… At least, for me, this bears little resemblance in melody, key or time signature, or treatment, to the few doinas I’ve experienced…

!!! nice link though…

😉 ~ hmmmmm…doina, doinna, doina…

On second consideration, after listening to all those examples and to McSherry again ~ well ~ yes, I do hear a similarity beyond just the title… The uilleann pipes and the Breton take on it had blinded me to the possibilities… I so wish those examples were WAV or MP3, or that they’d at least listed the recording sources…

All that in 15 minutes…

Sorry baglady, a pain in two backs has me being less than reasonable lately, sporting for a fight of some sort ~ not really. One back is my own, ouch, no, I mean OUCH!!! The other is the back of our car. It seems it wants an upgrade and the boot (trunk) is now a Jacuzzi, and we’ve had record wet weather here to meet that goal… 😏

Also, I’m fond of the form ~ doinas…and Romanian music, something an old friend gave me a good taste of, including the music and dance of the Vlacchi… I particularly love the Taragot… I wish that friend were still around so I could get an occassional fix… It is good for the soul and the circulation… 😉

Romanian huh…. Well, none of the mp3s work on my computer…. they all say that a codec(?) is missing 😏, so, as far I know right now, it’s Breton…

You need Realplayer for those, and there is a free one available. They aren’t MP3s…

I thought this song was made/composed by John McSherry, or is this a very dumb thing to say 🙂

No, it may be his take (composition) on the form, ‘doinna’, but am not absolutely sure as I haven’t the recording to check the notes for it. With Hungarians and Ukranians having a take on Irish there’s not likely to be anything to stop an Irish musician having a go at a ‘Doinna’… 😏

I’ve got this recorded by Gwerz, a Breton band from the early 1980s, played on Biniou & fiddle.


Doinna was composed by Breton musician Jackie Molard. It is a slow air. It was recorded first by Gwerz of which Jackie was a member. They still do the odd gig. Jackie Molard along with his brother has been one of the most influential musicians in Breton music over this past thirty years. He has played in many well known B. bands.

His brother’s name is Patrick.

I’ve just been learning this. I have written it down thus for those who are interested. My apologies to Jackie Molard.

X: 1
T: Doinna
M: 3/4
R: Waltz
K: Ador
A2|:e4de | g4e2 | d4cA | B4A2 | A4G2 |=f6 | e6-|e4A2|
|e4de | g4e2 | d4cA | B4E2 | A4Bc | B4A2 |[1 A6-|A4A2:|[2 B/c/d2c/B/A2-|A4E2|
|:A4B2 | c4e2 | B4AG | g6 | g4a2 | e4de | ^c4d2 | e4d^c | d6 | A4de|
|=f4a2 | e4dB | c4A2 | B4A2 | G4Bc | B6 |[1 A6-|A4E2:|[2 A6-|A4

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Re: Doinna from 33:45 in but the whole album’s good too. Patrick Molard playing biniou kozh with his composer brother Jacky on fiddle and Soig Sibèril guitar etc…. Gwerz. Glad I went looking for it, many happy memories listening to them again.