Castle Dangerous waltz

Also known as Castle Dangerous Retreat March.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Castle Dangerous
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:d>e|f2 a2 fd|G2 B2 d>B|A2 d2 fa|e4 d>e|
f2 a2 fd|G2 B2 d>B|A2 f2 gc|d4:|
|:f>g|a2 fa fd|G2 B2 d>B|A2 d2 fa|e4 f>g|
a2 fa fd|G2 B2 d>B|A2 f2 gc|d4:|
X: 2
T: Castle Dangerous
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:G>A|B2 d2 BG|[C2E2] [E2c2] GE|D2 G2 Bd|A4 G>A|
B2 d2 BG|[C2E2] [E2c2] GE|D2 B2 cF|G4:|
|:B>c|d2 Bd BG|[C2E2] [E2c2] GE|D2 G2 Bd|A4 B>c|
d2 Bd BG|[C2E2] [E2c2]|D2 B2 cF|G4:|

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“Castle Dangerous” ~ 3/4 Retreat March ~ C: James Haugh, Scots Guards

The Atholl Highlanders Tunes

Castle Dangerous

This is in answer to this ~

Discussion: Castle Dangerous
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Can anyone help..!! Trying to find the sheet music for the fiddle I Done a search with negitive results…!!

# Posted on January 18th 2008 by RiKi

Aided by two of our happy campers ~ appears to have it.

# Posted on January 18th 2008 by mickray

It’s a retreat march composed by James Haugh of the Scots Guards - so it’s a Scottish piping tune. The pdf score gives the ornaments that a piper would use. It’s up to the fiddler to decide which are approriate on the fiddle.

# Posted on January 18th 2008 by lazyhound

I quite liked the tune, and there aren’t that many 3/4 retreat marches on site here. This one is simple and sweet…

Learned this tune in a Calum Stewart workshop

Or at least I think I did, I don’t read ABC very well

Does anyone have any information on the title or the composer?

It’s very pretty, but I bet the first note is actually a pickup.

Now I’ve seen the dots, I know it is the same tune. The first note was in the version I learned.

Sorry reenactor, there’s no way it’s a pickup…

Right, you don’t mean ‘1st note’, you mean ‘1st beat’

I just ABC’d the source given above, as it was, by the Atholl Highlanders, their transcription…

So, I eat my words, I followed their lead blindly ~ but I agree with your wisdom here reenactor. Pain has me a bit thicker than usual, agony in the back. Music is the distraction but in this case I missed the obvious, trusting that website and that transcription…

At least, along with reenactor, that makes more sense to me. I have also ‘corrected’ the ABCs… Sorry reenactor, again, I went the way of trusting what I’d found in print, a weakness I’m not usually guilty of. In this case I can cry ~ literally ~ AAAAA!!! ~ my aching back…

Mea culpa! ~ mea culpa! ~ hail Mary full of grace ~ ~ ~

🙁 I missed a ‘lead-in’, me, of all the fools in the world, or here on site, I missed a ‘lead-in’, how can I ever live it down, or make true restitution, will I ever be able to show my face again? Where’s Dow when I need a really good taking down? 😉

Ghb & Gbh

Every highland bagpiper I’ve ever known was bigger than me and a bit unhinged, so I have a slight hesitance about questioning anything they do, but also a certain reverence for bagpipes in general. That said, I’ve known some really awful instruments and players and you’d think that would have shaken the reverence. Yes, it has, but I still find people that are bigger and scarier than me make me a bit more hesitant to ‘act’ on anything, let alone question something like a wee bit of notation… Without the Internet between me and the Atholl Highlander lot, and some element of ‘anon’, a whole pack of GHB-ers and potential GBH, well, I might have remained shtrum… 😏

If they come after me I’m giving them reenactor… 😉

& the composer’s with the Scots Guards ~ OUCH!!! ~ all that association with the police and the military… 🙁


Many GHB retreat marches are incorrectly scored with the upbeat as part of the first bar. It’s more than once been a subject for discussion on the ‘Music’ forum. All sorts of interesting theories are put forward. IMHO it’s a simple case of illiteracy - it doesn’t affect what people play as they learn at least partly, often mainly, by ear anyway, but it doesn’t make for clear musical thinking.

Thanks Matt, appreciated, useful comment and information…