Two recordings of
Tom Billy’s
Langstrom’s Pony

Tom Billy’s (jig) is also known as O’Keefes, Paddy’s, Port Thom Bhilly.

Langstrom’s Pony (jig) is also known as Cuir Diallaid Air An Clibin, Langstern Pony, The Langstern Pony, Langstern’s Pony, The Langstrom Pony, Langstrom’s Pony, Langstrome Pony, Langstroms Pony, Langstron’s Pony, Lanxtrum, Lastrumpony, Treasure Cave.

Feadóga Stáin by Mary Bergin

  1. Tom Billy’s
  2. The Langstern Pony

Finnegan's AWake by Finnegan's AWake

  1. Langstrom’s Pony
  2. Tom Billy’s
  3. The Dancingmaster
  4. An Rogaire Dubh