McConnell’s Green Sleeves reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: McConnell's Green Sleeves
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
AB |: c3 d e^fge | dBAB GABd | cA (3AAA edcA | BEED E4 |
c3 d e^fge | dBAB GABd | cA (3AAA ^GABc |1 A2 AG A2 AB :|2 A2 AG A4 ||
gece g2 ge | dGBd e2 ed | cA (3AAA edcA | BEED E4 |
gece gage | dedB GABd | cA (3AAA ^GABc |1 A2 AG A2 AB :|2 A2 AG A4 ||
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McConnell’s Green Sleeves

Came across this on a tape recently of a recording from BBC Radio Scotland’s “Travelling Folk” progamme. Cathal was appearing live, and I’m pretty sure this was along with Tony McManus on guitar, the first time I – and probably a lot of other people too – had heard of him. Cathal has always liked playing around with tunes, and here he turns “Greensleeves” into a slow reel / hornpipe. Hard to tell which really, but I’ve posted it as a reel. Not sure about the key/mode, but the Fs are sharp, and watch out for that nasty wee G# ! Typical McConnell, God bless ‘im. { I made up the title – seemed appropriate }

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McConnell is a true genius. This is actually a great tune. Cathal’s stage persona in TBOTL was unfortunately that of a slightly dottering old fool, but get him into a quiet corner and you realise he is a professorial encyclopedia, a superior musician, a living part of the Tradition, and apparently the only guy in history with a decent setting of "Greensleeves"! None better. Thx ,Kenny.

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Cathal told me yesterday that this tune is actually meant to be a hornpipe, and not a slow reel