Three recordings of
Eugene Stratton
The Banks

Eugene Stratton (hornpipe) is also known as Eugene Straton, Eugene Stratton’s.

The Banks (hornpipe) is also known as The Bank, The Great Western Lancashire Clog, The Lancashire Clog, Mrs. Taff, Na Bruaċa, Souvenir De Venice.

Over The Sea To Skye: The Celtic Connection by James Galway And The Chieftains

  1. Eugene Stratton
  2. The Banks
  3. Arthur Seat

The Strathspey King by James Scott Skinner

  1. Arthur’s Seat
  2. Eugene Stratton
  3. The Banks

Yankee Dreams by Frank Ferrel And Friends

  1. Arthur’s Seat
  2. Eugene Straton
  3. The Banks
  4. Madame Neruda