The Sound Of Sleet reel

Also known as The Sound Of Sleat.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Sound Of Sleet
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FAAB d2d2|~e3d eff2|~A3B defd|efdB BAA2:|
~f3e f2af|e2de fee2|f2df ~f2af|efdB BAA2|
~f3e f2af|e2de feeB|d2dB deed|efdB BAA2|

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Source: For The Sake Of Old Decency by Cathal McConnel & Len Graham
Transcriptoin: gian marco pietrasanta

The full 4-part version (The Sound of Sleat) is here:

I’m not sure if this should count as a duplication, as it diverges considerably from the original version, as composed by Donald McKinnon. Even the title has evolved to mean something quite different.

Gian Marco - any info on where Cathal and Len got it? Is it one of McConnell’s catalytic conversions?

Sorry, I have no info about that tune.

The name of this tune

The Sound of Sleat is a place. It’s the stretch of water (Sound) between Skye from the Glenelg, Morar and Knoydart areas of the Scottish mainland. The Sleet spelling has almost certainly used by someone who heard the name but didn’t know of the place.

Only Sleat is correct; accept no substitute. 😉

Sound of Sleat

I had an amazing experience on a calmac ferry in the Sound of Sleat. We crossed into a pod of Minkie Whales and separated them into two groups. There were obviously mums on one side with their babies on another and there was much mayhem as the mothers rejoined their calves. Minkies are the smallest baleen whales but they are still pretty big.

I am disappointed not to detect any whaley references in this tune.

Spelt Sleat and pronounced "Slate".

This is a simple version of a much better tune.

Very poor version on a lovely tune that is already here. Should be an ABC in the comments of the actual tune before this tune is completely devalued. As Dafydd rightly points out the tune is called Sound of Sleat.

A pale shadow of the original tune.I like Ossian’s version.Can Irish musicians play Scottish tunes? Can the blue men sing the whites?

personally, I prefer to play this poor and pale version of the original tune.

That may be the case Gian Marco but it should still be in the comments as a version of the original. Versions are part of what makes trad fun but simplifying and passing one off as the original is disrespectful to the composer.

Composed by D.McKinnon.

Just checked the tracklist of the album Gian mentioned,and it’s spelled "Sleet".I bet it’s credited trad. too.Len and Cathal should have done their homework.

Cathal told me he picked the tune up off the radio in Scotland, from Ossian’s version of it. His version is how he remembered it rather than him making any attempt to learn it accurately. Not sure what that says about the way his mind works!

It sounds a little like Cathal borrowed strains from The Noon Lasses to fill the gaps in his memory. This is one way in which tunes evolve into other tunes, is it not?

"Can Irish musicians play Scottish tunes?"

Dafydd - It’s what they’ve been doing for at least 200 years. In doing so, they turned them into Irish tunes. Can Scottish musicans play Irish tunes?

I was only being flippant.Do any other sessioneers of a certain age remember the Bonzos?