The Asturian Way reel

By Brian Finnegan

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The Asturian Way

This is another brilliant tune by Brian Finnegan. On the CD, Haven, it’s in F#, which meant it was complete Hell to learn, and even worse to transcribe. I had to listen to it over and over and over and over again, until it was completely burnt into my brain, and then listen to it yet again, this time pausing it every two seconds to check I’d got it right and scribble it down. I hope I have got it right, and I BLOODY WELL HOPE it’s not a duplicate!
But it’s a great tune - easily my favourite on that CD - and I’m sooo glad I’ve finally learnt it!

Thanks for posting…lush memories 🙂

You probably should have picked up a Bb whistle… would have saved you lots of grief and headaches.

I believe the composer of this tune has never expected someone else to learn and play it in public.

This tune appears in the much easier key of G on the Wolfstone CD Terra Firma as the first tune in track 7 ‘Falun Fine’.

The first tune in this set is played in Amajor, and the second in E, so this set was clearly on an A whistle… I think that’d mean it’s played in Bmix originally?

On that video, what whistle is Brian playing?


Not sure what whistle Brian is playing (most definitely it’s E or A) but they play it in F#, not Bb.

Re: The Asturian Way

Rich and Narek, he’s playing a Goldie low A