The Belles Of Amaha reel

Also known as The Belles Of Omaha, The Morning Star.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Belles Of Amaha
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
B2({c}BA) BGEF|GABd efge|B2({c}BA) BGEF|GBAF EFGA|
B2({c}BA) BGEF|GABd efge|B2({c}BA) BGEF|GBAF E4:|
|:Bdef gfgb|agfg edBA|Bdef gfgb|agfg e2(dc)|
Bdef gfgb|agfg edBA|B2({c}BA) BGEF|GBAF E4:|

Six comments

The Belles of Amaha

This is a very nice reel that I think I originally learned from Kerr’s Second Collection of Merry Melodies. I like playing it after Tralee Gaol.

The belles of amaha

At first glance it looked like the Belles of Omaha. Where is Amaha and how do you pronounce it ? And: it´s a very nice reel indeed which plays easily on tenor banjo and concertina. it IS very close to the Morning Star but what I like about this reel is the fact it´s in Eminor - Morning Star in O`Neills 1001 is in Gmajor. So when playing it yesterday I took the first part of Belles of Amaha and combined it with the second part of` O`Neill´s Morning Star at the end of which I put an Eminor-run to lead back to The Belles. Came easily while playing around and makes a nice `new´ reel.

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As far as I’m aware, Amaha=Omaha.

The Belles of Amaha

Read off the sheet music. What a beautiful reel. For a flute player, it flows off my fingers nicely (does that make sense?). It feels to me as though you wouldn’t need to play it all that fast, but can anybody give me ideas on this?


How can you tell it’s in G major, not E minor, by looking at O’Neill’s? It just has a key signature, and it’s the same for both.

That said, this tune is probably flexible in how you can harmonize it. Must be because harmony was probably added after it was written 😉