The Hobby Horse slide

By Jack Gilder

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Hobby Horse
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmix
d|:B2 G FGAG2FD2A|B2dc2A B2GF3|
d2B c2A B2G FGA|B2d c2A G3G2d:|
g3 ^fga g2fd2 B|c2A =f2A c2A de^f|
g2b ^fga g2fd2 c|B2d c2A G3G3|
gab ^fga g2fd2 B|c2A =f2A c2A de^f|
g2b ag^f g2fd2 c|B2d c2A G3G2||

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The Hobby Horse

A tune inspired by this thread:

I’ve been playing for set dances for a few years now and have grown to appreciate what makes a slide a slide. I particularly like the ones that have a pinch of madness thrown in. I’m hoping I captured a little of that here and am doing justice to the tune type.

Hobby horse

well, I like it!

Be wary of the spin, he likes anything in 12/8, indiscriminantly, as long as it’s dizzy… I’ve been playing it too, or it has been playing me ~ but I’m remaining mum for the moment.

Soups on, and bread too tonight, mmmmmm!!! There’s enough to go around too… It is just what this storm called for… It has been so bad here that just North of us it has blown over a few lorries, HGVs ~ big trucks to you button… 😉 (no, I wasn’t swearing…)

Second ending on the B-Part

I added this after the sheet music was generated so it will only be reflected in the ABCs.

Very nice!

The more I play it, the more I like it. I’ll be recommending it to my friends.

Particularly the “A” part.

“The Hobbled Horse” ~ I did say I was spending time with it 😏

I was enjoying it, then it started taking advantage of me and went a bit more regular, and then the damned thing went Dorian on me. What kind of drug is this? 😉 ~ Dorian two times ~

X: 2
T: Hobbled Horse, The
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
R: slide
K: G Dorian
|: d |\
B2 G ^FGA G2 =F D2 A | B2 d c2 A B2 G F2 d |
B2 G ^FGA G2 =F D2 A | B2 d cBA G3 G2 :|
|: d |\
g3 ^fga g2 =f d2 B | c2 A f2 A c2 A de^f |
g2 b ag^f g2 =f d2 c | B2 d cBA G3- G2 :|

K: A Dorian
|: e |\
c2 A ^GAB A2 =G E2 B | c2 e d2 B c2 A G2 e |
c2 A ^GAB A2 =G E2 B | c2 e dcB A3 A2 :|
|: e |\
a3 ^gab a2 =g e2 c | d2 B g2 B d2 B ef^g |
a2 c’ ba^g a2 =g e2 d | c2 e dcB A3 A2 :|


I tried to hobble it but it got away with itself… Sometimes that just happens… You open up the gate and it bolts… 😏

At least I waited till it had jumped a couple of fences ~ moved a couple of pages on…

That’s fine, ceol, but you might find a severed hobby horse head in your bed if this tune comes back around to me someday and it sounds like your version instead of what I intended.

Hey, when you give birth to a thing sometimes it takes on a life of its own… You want a nice kid and things start out that way and then suddenly they’ve got tatoos, piercings and belong to a branch of the Hell’s Angels. Or where you hoped for a sh*t kickin’ rebel they end up with a collar having sold their soul to God and signed on to be a Jesuit missionary in the Sudan… 😉

I didn’t do it, it did me. Sometimes that just happens, if not often… 😛