Donald Stewart The Piper reel

Also known as Donald Stuart The Piper.

There are 5 recordings of this tune.

Donald Stewart The Piper has been added to 16 tunebooks.

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… where does this tune come from? I wouldn’t mind knowing a little about this tune. Scottish maybe?

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Considering that the recordings are by two Scottish fiddlers and two Cape Breton fiddlers, and Donald Stewart is a very Scottish name, I’d say that Scottish is a very safe bet.

It would seem like a safe bet. It would be nice to have some info posted when the tune is though.

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I dropped a line to gibbfiddles saying so too, but alas ~ so far ~ nadda! Sad… 🙁 It would be nice if the person offering up a transcription cared enough for the tune to do more than just dump the skeleton and run…

Donald Stewart The Piper

This transcription is exactly like Paul Stewart Cranford’s transcription of the tune taken from Joe Cormier’s “The Dances Down Home”.
The tune is attributed to J. S. Skinner in that transcription.

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Donald Stewart (The Piper) C: James Scott Skinner

Good one Laitch, I had suspicions it was a cut-and-paste job. I trust Paul Cranford’s transcriptions and notes…

The Fiddler’s Companion ~ Andrew Kuntz

“Donald Stewart the Piper” ~ & another transcription

~ first published in J. Murdoch Henderson’s Scottish Music Maker (1957), some thirty years after Skinner’s death.

The least we can do is fill out some of the blanks…

Aahh, that feels much better now. 🙂

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Sorry for the latness of my reply to you all.

I got given half this tune in a bundle of sheet music that was thrown my way. T/he first part seemed lovely so searched on Google and I will have to confess to copying from the mentioned websites.

I dont have a great ability to sight read from ABC alone so posted it here to get the sheet music.

It is a Skinner tune as far as I know as it was in a “Scot Skinner Set” where I found it!

I hope that has stopped you all worrying.



Now we can rest in peace… 😉