I’d Rather Have A Piece Than A Kiss jig

Also known as Bundle And Go, I’d Rather Have A Piss Than A Kiss, I’s Rather Have A Piece Than A Kiss Of My Jo, Id Rather Have A Piss Than A Kiss, William’s Return.

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One setting

X: 1
T: I'd Rather Have A Piece Than A Kiss
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:f | gfe edB | gfg GAB | gfe edB | dBA A2f |
gfe edB | gfg a2b | gfe efg | dBA A2:|
|:B/c/ | d2B d2B | gfg GAB | d2B d2g | ecA ABc |
d2B d2B | gfg a2b | gfe efg | dBA A2 :|

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A Piece of what, one may ask!

Methinks it’s the cash (s)he’s after - as in a Piece of Eight rather than a Piece of the Action - but who knows. This is another Joshua Jackson tune (JMS95) from the 1798 manuscript as edited by Bowen, Bowen, Sheperd and Sheperd, Yorkshire Dales Workshop 1998.

"Oh, ye cannae throw PIECES oot a 20 storey flat…….."
Adam McNaughton - look it up.

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I think it probably meant "p*ss" instead of "Piece"…

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Let’s not get into urine fetishes here…


"Baps and paste and corned dog,
Peace on Earth and earth on PIECE,
Butcher’s haugh and tinky’s gauchles,
Wha’ cid tell the difference ?"

Michael Marra - "Baps And Paste" - figured it out yet?

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Every wean in Scotland and Ulster would know what a "piece" is.

More titles, mode

I’ve added a couple more titles, you can find it on JC’s tune finder with 4 parts under the fuller title. It’s known in Highland pipe versions as Bundle & Go (which is confusingly the name of a separate tune). I think the fuller versions derive from James Aird’s published collection, late 18th c.

I question the A mixolydian classification, to me it’s in G but closes on a non-tonic note. As written it’s in G Lydian but this may be a forced byproduct of the pipe scale.

Triplicate!!! ~ “I’d Rather Have A Piece Than A Kiss”

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Submitted on October 3rd 2005 by dafydd.

Originally submitted as ‘gan ainm’, ferreted out by the Rev…