The March Of The Crows march

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One setting

X: 1
T: The March Of The Crows
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
(cB)|:"Ami"ABcdc2(cB)|ABcdc2(cB)|"G"ABAG "Emi"E2(cB)|"G"ABAG "Emi"E2(cB)|
"Ami"ABcdc2(cB)|ABcdc2(cB)|"G"cABc "Em"dcAG|1 "G"EGGE "Dsus"D4:|2 "G"EGGE "Dsus"D4||
"Ami"AccA AccA|AccA "G" B4|"Ami"AccA AccA|Aece"Emi"d4|
"Ami"AccA AccA|AccA "G"B4|"Ami"AccA AccA|Aece"Emi"d4||

Five comments

March of the Crows

Hi. This tune is from the ‘In Tandem’ CD, by Kevin Burke and Ged Foley. The liner notes say that they got the tune from Jackie Daly and it’s paired with the tune ‘The Long Note’ in a set…It’s a bare bones transcription with no ornamentation…just chords..
I put it down as a reel, but I’m not really sure how to classify this tune, being somewhat new to Irish/Celtic music. Maybe one of you more knowledgeable folks have an idea of what this tune is … I like the tune, hope you do too… Greg

Maybe the obvious

You know, I’m a bit slow, but I’m not too fast…..
I just took a few seconds to think…
perhaps this tune is a march, as the title says…


Heh heh, that’s funny Greg. I was just about to respond to that last comment saying something like “Hey man, be nice to Greg, he’s new”, but then I realized that you, Greg, wrote that last comment.

Anyway, good tune with a great name. Thanks for posting it!

Anyone know why it’s called the March of the Crows? Sounds like there should be a story behind it.

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Re: The March Of The Crows

I remember Kevin playing this tune in the early 80’s, and I seem to remember him saying then it was a practice tune for pipers. I bet he made up the name!

Re: The March Of The Crows

I just had the opportunity to hear Kevin play this interesting tune in person in La Veta Colorado. Cheers, Sept. 22nd 2022