A Winston Tune jig

Also known as A Winston, The Flower In The Garden, The Rose Garden.

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Four settings

X: 1
T: A Winston Tune
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
GFG ABd|gba gfe|ded B2G|FGA cBA|
GFG ABd|gba gfe|def dfa|g3 g3:|
B3 B2d|c3 c2e|ded B2G|FGA cBA|
B3 B2d|c3 c2e|def dfa|g3 gdc:|
# Added by Amy J .
X: 2
T: A Winston Tune
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:dB|GFG ABd|gba g2 e|ded B2 G|F2 A cBA|
G3 AB/c/d|g/a/ba gfe|dcd faf|g3 g:|
|:dc|B3 B2 d|c3 c2 e|ded B2 G|F2 A cc/B/A|
BGB B/c/dB|cAc c/d/ec|dcd f/g/af|g3- g:|
X: 3
T: A Winston Tune
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:GFG B2d|gba gfe|ded B2G|FGA cBA|
GFG B2d|gba gfe|def dfa|1 g3 g3:|2 g3 gdc||
|:B3 d3|c3 e3|ded B2G|FGA cBA|
B3 d3|c3 e3|def dfa|1 g3 gdc:|2 g3g2||
X: 4
T: A Winston Tune
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:GFG B2 d|gba gfe|ded B2 G|FGA cBA|
GFG B2 d|gba gfe|def dfa|1 g3 g3:|2 g3 gdc||
|:B3 d3|c3 e3|ded B2 G|FGA cBA|
B3 d3|c3 e3|def dfa|1 g3 gdc:|2 g3 g2||

Eighteen comments

Surely those Cs in the second and sixth bars of the B part should be an octave higher. It sounds totally weird otherwise.


Certainly. It was my first time doing ABC… I’ll see if i can change that 🙂

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Well Amy, for a first time at ABC-ing, aside from the little slip up between C and c, that’s pretty good… 😉

Now, how about ‘comment’? Where’d you get it? Is it one you particularly like? Is it something played in your local area?

Me, well, I’m a fan of Winston “Scotty” Fitzgerald, a fine fiddler and dance musician…

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Thanks ceolachan. I’ll keep practicing the ABC… 😉

A friend of mine got me interested in this tune, she got it from Troy MacGillivray’s “Eleven” cd…it’s the first tune in the Road to Errogie set. One of my favorite jigs, I think. Love the swing to it. Troy puts it with Kissed Yes’thear and then into a great trio of reels, which I’m working on learning. I’m not sure if my home session ever learned it aside from my friend, but I’m starting to teach it to a few players here in Cork 🙂

Oh, and I’m checking out Winston “Scotty” Fitzgerald…good tune from the dots…

<leaves to find recording>

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I suspect there is a ‘name’ for this one you’ve submitted, but I haven’t been able to chase it up… If I find it I’ll let you know…

ceolachan~what do you mean by ‘name’?

I’ve found several references to a tune called “Winston Tune” as a reel in A as well (such as by Jerry Holland), though I do not personally own any of the recordings to know what it is like. The site I got information from the recording Troy MacGillivray has can be found here:
which calls the Winston Tune jig trad.

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Yes, this might be one of Jerry Holland’s. I have his two collections and then some, but not everything on site. I’ll check. What I meant by a ‘name’ is that like other ‘gan ainms’ sometimes the name of the person who last passed it on, of any fame, gets used. Winston has had quite a few tunes given his name, while they already had an older name. People forget. Then again, the man was so admired that writing a tune in honour of him also wouldn’t be out of the question…

I’ll see what I can find out…

“A Winston Tune”

Her it is a little clearer, hopefully ~

One fiddler says to the other ~ “Nice tune, what’s it called?”

Answer: "It’s ‘a Winston tune’…

He had a lot of them under his bow and lots of people wanting to pick them up, and not always bothering to ask for a title… 😉

I’ve just glanced through all of my Cape Breton books with no luck. That includes the tune collections of Winston Fitzgerald, Brenda Stubbert, and Jerry Holland (vols 1&2) on Cranford Publications, the Trip to Windsor Collection and the Heather Hill Collection of Dan R. MacDonald, vol. 2 of the Dan Hughie MacEachern Collection, and the Dunlay collection. I looked at all the jigs in all keys and found nothing even close.


Yeah, me too… Just as well two sets of eyes were looking. I sometimes miss the obvious. However, I haven’t finished listening to the recordings I have of Winston. Maybe it will show there. Sandy MacIntyre liked Winston so much that he wrote several tunes simply named after the fiddler, but of the few of those I’ve chased up, none are this one. I do have a couple of other possibilities though, as I enjoy playing through this again and reacquainting myself with it and Winston’s music ~ so no loss there… 😉

By the way ~ it is alovely jig, well transcribed, nice to see it here. It is familiar but I haven’t yet managed to chase it up.

According to Alan Snyder’s website this jig appears on eight other recordings besides Eleven by Troy MacGillivray (it’s not on Crystal Clear by Jerry Holland - that’s another Winston Tune). On only one of those recordings is it named, the given name being “The Flower in the Garden”.

And note that the Winston Tune on Crystal Clear by Jerry Holland is a reel in F.