One recording of
A Winston Tune
The Castlebar Races

A Winston Tune (jig) is also known as A Winston, The Flower In The Garden, The Rose Garden.

The Castlebar Races (jig) is also known as An Ceo Ar An mBán, The Backhoe, The Black Hoe, The Brown Girl’s Sweet, Heather And Sage, The Maid In The Meadow, The Mist In The Meadow, The Mist On The Meadow, Mist On The Meadows, Moran’s, Morrison’s Fancy, The Moving Bogs Of Powellsboro, Paddy Ban’s, The Thrush In The Straw.

That's What You Get by Wendy MacIsaac

  1. Royal Quickstep
  2. The Black Hoe
  3. The Maid On The Green
  4. The Flower In The Garden