The Origin Of The World mazurka

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Origin Of The World
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
|: de dc AB | G2-GGAB | ce ee dc | d2-dd dc |
de dc AB | G2-GG AB | EG BE GB | A2 AA BA |
GE CE GE | F2 FD B,D | GE B,E GE | F2 F2 GA |
B2 Bc-cd | d2-dc Bc | cc cB GF | G2 G4 :|
|: G2 GD GA | B2 BA Bd | c2 cd-dc | F4 F2 |
G2 GD GA | B2 BA Bd | c2 cd-dc | FG Bc dc |
ge cG EC | fdB FDB, | eB GE B,G, | A,C FA cA |
B2 Bc-cd | d2 dc Bc | cc cB GF | G2 G4 :|
X: 2
T: The Origin Of The World
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|: "Am"ef ed Bc | "F"A2-AABc | "Dm"df ff ed | "C"e2-ee "Em"ed |
"F"ef ed Bc | "Am"A2-AA Bc | "F"FA cF Ac | "G"B2 BB cB |
"Dm"AF DF AF | "C"G2 GE CE | "F"AF CF AF | "G"G2 G2 AB |
"Am"c2 cd-"G"de | "F7+"e2-ed cd | "G"dd dc AG | "Am"A2 A4 :|
|: "Am"A2 AE AB | "C"c2 cB ce | "Dm"d2 de-ed | "G"G4 G2 |
"Am"A2 AE AB | "C"c2 cB ce | "Dm"d2 de-ed | "G"GA cd ed |
"Dm"af dA FD | "C"ge cG EC | "F"fc AF CA, | "G"B,D GB dB |
"Am"c2 cd-"G"de | "F7+"e2 ed cd | "G"dd dc AG | "Am"A2 A4 :|

Eight comments

The Origin of the World

This is a mazurka written by the legendary English fiddler Dave Shepherd (of Blowzabella). I have transcribed it as it’s played on Octomento.

Happy droning.


Is this not more of a waltz than a mazurka? Mazurkas usually have a strong emphasis on the upbeat (which this doesn’t) and also usually have some dotted rhythms and/or some triplets.

It’s a lovely tune, though.

Also, the 8th bar of the B section is |FG Bc dc| rather than
|FG AB cf|.

I also thought that it wasn’t particularly mazurka-like, but I think that it’s referred to as a mazurka in the Octomento liner notes. I’ll check that…
I’ve edited the abc according to your corrections.

The Origin of the World

on the video Dave Shepherd posted on youtube he called it Mazurka, and had the chance to meet him this weekend in France and he confirmed.
this being said, i agree it’s more waltzy that mazurka. very similar situation with Dave’s extremely famous Rose of Raby.
at the end of the day, what counts, an absolutely superb tune, and the dancers will decide!

Re: The Origin Of The World

I talked to Andy Cutting (shameless namedrop…) about this last weekend when he was doing a workshop here - he says he would play it in Amin on a C/F melodeon. Some people on recommend Bmin on a D/G, which I think would be equivalent, although I am trying Amin on my D/G which thankfully has F naturals as accidentals. That is because my friends have all learnt it in Amin… 🙁 An’ I only have one melodeon!

When I get myself a G/C box then I will probably try it in Amin on that too. Good practice for me, I suspect. I think it might even be possible in two different octaves on that? The chords from the sheet music on would make sense on such a box too.

Re: The Origin Of The World

I would love to work on this. I do not see chords in the ABC. What is the best way to find the chords as Mr. Cutting plays it?
Thank you!

The Origin Of The World, X:2

This is the same as the previous setting, just moved to Aminor and with the chords from the version on added. The version on says that it was transcribed by Angelo Girardi from the CD Octomento by Blowzabella.
I am currently working on learning to play this with (these…) chords, so I cannot yet say if I agree with all the chord choices, but it should make a good starting point.