Coolfin slide

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One setting

X: 1
T: Coolfin
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
A2d d2e cdB cGB|A2d d2e gec dGB|A2d d2e cdB cGB|ABc BdG AcB GEG|
A2d d2g edc BAG|A2d d2g ede a2g|e2a ged cag eAB|cdA Bcd cBA GBG||
A2d DEG AGE c2d|DEG AGE c2A B2G|A2d DEG AGE c2d|Acd edB c2A B2G|
A2d DEG AGE c2d|Acd edc ged edc|age dge dce dcA|dBc ABG AGE cGE||

Four comments

A slide by Donal Lunny (from his CD of the same name) with some interesting rhythmic effects at the ends of the B and C parts due to the four-note ascending and descending patterns. Note that there are no F#s in the B and C parts so a D modal accompaniment works better than D major.

The tempo is about 152 bpm. Donal Lunny follows this with the slide version of Nora Criona (pretty much as posted on this site, except for the A and B part endings: A2f fef ABd cBA.


That tempo of 152 falls into the gray area where I can’t tell which notes you’re beating. Is this a moderate tempo, or really really fast?

justjim, each bar has four beats, each worth a dotted crochet (or dotted quarter note). So 152 beats per minute is certainly faster than the midi plays the tune here. But I would imagine it’s about the right tempo for a slide (but would be too fast for a jig).
If you want to hear it at 152 bpm, copy and paste the abc file into, inserting Q: 3/8=152 above the K field.