Heather Mixture waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Heather Mixture
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
E3 G3|AG>C E3|C2D EAG|D3 G3|
E3 G3|GAB c3|d2c B2A|(G3 G3)|
E3 G3|AG>C E3|C2D EAG|D3 G3|
EDB, CDE|G2E A3|G2E FE>D|(C3 C2)||
D|DG>E F3|DA>F G3|DEG FED|c3 F3|
Dc>_A B2A|DB>F A2G|FAG EGF|(D3 D3)|
DG>E F3|DA>F G3|DEF GAB|e3 E3|
cB>A _E3|BAG D^CD|EFG ABD|(G3 G3)||
|A3 c3|FE>D E3|DC>B, C2B|BA>^G A3|
A3 c3|FE>D E3|AGc BAB|(c3 c3)|
A3 c3|FE>D E3|DC>B, C2B|AFd c3|
c2^c d2A|G3 D2^D|E3 A2G|(F3 F3)||

Six comments

Heather Mixture Waltz

A lovely waltz by who else, but the late maestro Jimmy Shand.

This must be on one of his recordings? 😏

Heather mixture waltz

I heard it last weekend on a whole programme devoted to Jimmy on Radio Scotland - Take The Floor, not played by Jimmy but by Bruce Lindsay. I just had to dot it down.
Jimmy did record it, but according to his website, it isn’t published.

Bruce Lindsays Choice
CD: Bruce Lindsay and his Scottish Dance Band
TRACK 9: Heather Mixture Waltz
ARTISTS: Bruce Lindsay & His Band
LABEL: Bruce Lindsay – BLMCD001

Thanks Geoff. I wish I’d caught the show…

Yes, by the way, I have the same question as Criostoir, now that I’ve looked at it closer? It doesn’t read as 3/4… 😏