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One setting

X: 1
T: Heather Mixture Twostep
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D3|G2G G2G|AGF G2D|B,2D G2B|(d3 d3)|
B2B BGB|ded B3|ded c2B|A3 D3|
G2G G2G|AGF G2D|B,2D G2B|d3 def|
g2d Bcd|e2c A2G|F2d cBA|G3||
A3|F2A ^G2A|BA^G A3|f2e dcB|(A3 A3)|
F2A ^G2A|BA^G A3|B2E EGF|E3 A3|
F2A ^G2A|BA^G A3|f2e dcB|(A3 A3)|
B2G EFG|ABA F2A|G2E ABc|d3||
E3|E2A A2G|EF^F G3|CD^D EF^F|(G3 G2)E|
E2A A2G|EF^F G3|CD^D EF^F|(G3 G2)e|
fed cBA|GAG FED|G^FG ^GAB|c3||

Two comments

Heather Mixture Twostep

And to match the waltz, here is the twostep, again by Jimmy Shand.
I don’t know if he did it to pad out a tune to match the length of a 78rpm record, but he always played twosteps as ABACA
To benefit from the Shand bounce, this jig should be played on the slower side.

Re: Heather Mixture Twostep

i think there is an error in the abc as an Am C part is a bit discordant.
If you lift this to Bm it cycles nicely.
I’ve taken Geoff’s arrangement done the C part shift, added chords and modified some of the links between parts.
X: 1
T: Heather Mixture Twostep
C: Jimmy Shand
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: G
||:D2F|"G" G2G G2G|"D7" AGF "G" G2D|"G" B,2D G2B|"G" d3 cBA|!
|"G" B2B BGB|"G" ded B3|"D7" ded c2B|"D7" A3 DEF|!
|"G" G2G G2G| "D7"AGF "G" G2D|"G" B,2D G2B|"G" d3 def|!
|"G" g2d Bcd|"Am" e2c A2G|"D7" F2d cBA|"G" G3:||!
||:ABA|"D" F2A ^G2A|"E7" BA^G "A" A3|"D" f2e dcB|"D" A3 BAG|!
|"D" F2A ^G2A|"E7"BA^G "A"A3|"Em" B2E EGF|"Em" E3 ABA|!
|"D" F2A ^G2A|"E7"BA^G "A"A3|"D" f2e dcB|"D" A3 FGA|!
|"Em" B2G EFG|"D" ABA F2A|"Em" G2E "A7" ABc|"D" d3:||!
||:c3|"Bm" F2B B2A|"D" FG^G A3|"D" D^DE FG^G|"D" (A3 A2)G|!
|"Bm" F2B B2A|"D"FG^G A3|"Em" B2E EGF|"A" E3 A2G|!
|"Bm"F2B B2A|"D"FG^G A3|"D"DE^E FG^G|"D" A3 d2f|!
|"Em" gfe "G"dcB| "A"ABA GFE|"A7"A^GA ^ABc|"D" d3:||