Two Mile Bridge jig

Also known as The Two Mile Bridge.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Two Mile Bridge
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
G2E EFE|GFG Bef|gfe afd|efe e3:|
|:g2e efe|g2a bag|f2d ded|fdf agf|
gfg aga|bag faf|gfe def|efe e3:|
|:gfe fed|ed^c dAG|F2D DED|FDF AGF|
GFG AGA|BcB efa|gfe def|efe e3:|

Five comments

This is a very nice Cape Breton jig (I’m assuming it’s Cape Breton ‘cause I’ve only ever seen it associated with Buddy and Natalie MacMaster).

It’s on Natalie’s "Live" album as the first tune on the Second Figure set.

The Two Mile Bridge

This tune is published in the book Sean Maguire and Josie Keegan put out in the mid 1970`s-Irish tunes by the hundred.Its a good bet that Josie would know who composed it or if it is an old tune.She can be contacted on the internet.

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The tune shows up again (as single jig #40) in Keegan’s 2004 collection "A Drop in the Ocean".

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Re: Two Mile Bridge

This jig is old, and undoubtedly Irish. I came across it in one of the volumes of O’Farrell’s Pocket Companion (c.1809 or 10) while trawling through there looking for Munster-related things to play on the harp. O’Farrell was an Irishman who appears to have been from around Waterford or east Cork, and his collections contain a number of local places name-checked in tune titles - including Two Mile Bridge, which is on the Waterford side of Kilkenny. O’Farrell seems to have been the first one to publish this - as far as I know - though I’m open to correction on that. It’s No.145 in Book 4. There’s also a lot of Scottish material, and some Carolan.

Re: Two Mile Bridge

This tune may be of Irish origin but whenever I hear it or play it, I am transported back to a 2nd figure in a dance hall in the middle of Cape Breton somewhere. Le sigh!