Si-Bhean Locha Lein waltz

Also known as An Gheagus An Gra Geal.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Si-Bhean Locha Lein
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
AB|c2 A2 B2|c4 ge|d2 B2 A2|G4 AB|
c2 B2 A2|e2 d2 B2|B2 A2 A2|A4 AB|
c2 B2 A2|a4 ba|g2 e2 (3def|g4 (3efg|
a2 g2 e2|d2 G2 A2|B2 A2 A2|A4||

Four comments

Si-Bhean Locha Lein

The name was the subject of a discussion a couple of weeks ago ( but I can’t find it here. It is in Eamonn Jordan’s “Whistle and Sing” (… music of a different age … grace and loneliness…) but I know it from a Chieftain’s record. Finally tracked it down, not listed, making up much of the track “An Gheagus An Gra Geal” on Chieftains 5. E dorian on the whistle avoids the high B but loses something nice about the C natural. And no, it is not a waltz !


i’ve never heard this tune played but enjoyed playing it slowly on fiddle and it dropped down an octave quite nice too…

An Gheagus An Gra Geal added as another name to make the link to the track on Chieftains 5. There are other tunes in the track.