The Whistler And His Dog barndance

Also known as Acrobat’s, Acrobat’s Reel, The Acrobat’s Reel, The Acrobat’s, Baker’s, Baker’s Reel, Spit Fire, Spit Fire Reel, The Spit Fire Reel, The Spit Fire, Spitfire, Spitfire Reel, The Spitfire Reel, The Spitfire.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Whistler And His Dog
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3def |: g2 d>c B>A G2 | A>G F>A G4 | D>E F>G A>B c>d | B>A G>B A2 (3def |
g2 d>c B>A G2 | A>G F>A G4 | D>E F>G A>B c>d |1 B>G A>F G2 (3def :|2 B>G A>F G2 B>c ||
d>B G>B d>B e>B | d>B G>B d2 B>c | d>B G>B d>B A>G | F>G A>B c2 B>c |
d>B G>B d>B e>B | d>B G>B d2 e>f | g>f e>d c>B A>G | F>G A>B c>d e>f :| g4
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From Rose Murphy

Not entirely sure how to classify this tune. I’ve put it in as a barndance, as it has that feel about it. From the playing of Rose Murphy. This may be here under a different name. I’ve a feeling either “The House Band”, or somebody like “Buttons & Bows” recorded it. But maybe not – nice tune , anyway.

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I was nearly right…

Yeah, it’s shown up as by "Patrick Street."

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This had me in a quandry. I knew both the title and the tune, but not necessarily as ‘associated’ here. Geoff Wright just posted the tune I’d had in mind for the title, a two-step from the playing of Jimmy Shand and others… Now I can stop struggling with juggling thought fragments in an effort to find that thread of connection… 😉

I prefer this melody in G, and, of course, swung…

It falls under ‘hornpipe’ in North America, but as happens with them, tends to be played flat out, without swing, as a reel…

The Baker’s reel

Only heard this as a reel. The version we play is from Ceol Rince but Gerry O’Connor has recorded a version from Canada and I’ve also seen it an American collection (Ryan’s Mammoth?).


There are several different tunes called "the Baker’s," including the one penned by Scott Skinner.