The Wizard’s Waltz jig

Also known as The Wizard’s Walk.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Wizard's Waltz
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
e2d cBA|GAF E2 B|e2f gfe|gaf e3|
a2g fed|cdB A2E|A2B cBA|cdB A3|
BfB BfB|gcg cgc|BfB BfB|gcg cgc|
fBB gcc|fBB gcc|B^c^d efg|^def gab|
egb bge|^dfb fdB|dfa bfd|^cea aec|
=ceg ceg|Beg Beg|_Beg Beg|=Beg fe^d|
egb bge|^dfb fdB|dfa bfd|^cea aec|
=ceg ceg|Beg Beg|_Beg Beg|=Beg fe^d:|
e2d cBA|GAF E2 ^d|e6|e'6||
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The Wizard’s Waltz

This tune is a very very very fast waltz

Little bits here and there have been lifted from The Wizard’s Walk by Jay Ungar.

Have fun

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Also, because this needs to be played as fast as possible to show its magic, try putting

L: 1/16

when you convert it

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So, it’s not really a waltz? Perhaps it is one of those misnomers i.e. a jig called a waltz…….

I don’t even need to play this ~ just looking at it I can see it’s cack…

Translation ~ ‘cack’ = ‘shight’…

Somehow I don’t think this is the place for etudes, even shight ones…

I prefer The Wizard’s Walk, it works better as a reel, and this isn’t just “Little bits here and there have been lifted from The Wizard’s Walk”, it’s pretty much just a jigf versionb of that tune

Yes, a rip-off too, and of that tune ~ daft folk in the phantasy world of ITM…

^^You boys need to discover sarcasm but what you cannot discover i suppose is INSIDE JOKES!

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Some things just aren’t funny DJF, especially the hackneyed and trite… For sarcasm in would need at least four sharps or flats, and for an inside joke it would have to be based on something we all chose to be associated with, not “Wizard Walk”… 😏 😀

Damn, Dan the man who beats the bodhran. How are you doing? You’ve survived!!!

The sarcasm has nothing to do with the tune…the sarcasm was the guy (whoever he/she is) saying that “little bits here an there” were lifted!!!!!

I’m good thanks ‘c’! Don’t really beat the bodhran but I’m trying my hands at High and Low Whistles!

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Good luck Dan… I have faith in you…

* This tune is a very very very fast waltz
* Little bits here and there have been lifted from The Wizard’s Walk by Jay Ungar.
* Have fun

I went first to the proverbial (?) dots and quickly moved beyond the dodgy comments… Sarcasm eh?! 😏 It must be an in joke… 😛

What next, slowed down to a Jay Ungar waltz?

X: 1134
T: Wizard’s Waltz, The
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
R: waltz
K: e min
|: e4 d2 | c2 (2BcB A2 | G3 A F2 | E4 B2 |
e2 ed ef | g2 (3fgf e2 | g3 a f2 | e4 e2 | ~ etc.

Yeah yeah ok ok. Cheeky bastards!

Bloody Folkworks people should all be lined up against the wall and shot. And now you’ve started sending spies in to Sydney sessions… 😲

Sorry Dow!

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Just a bit of good natured fun from a few young pranksters…you’re a hero to us really Dow 🙂

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Young pranksters. Yeah, I suppose I should be glad that you all play stupid tunes because otherwise you’d just be standing outside Footlocker throwing glass bottles at innocent passers-by and nicking their mobile phones. So thanks to Folkworks for keeping the children off the streets…

Don’t massage his ego Dan, that’s all we need… He’s already having to do very little work floating from one place to the other, his head is so full of helium… Or is that gauzzzz feeling you have in your head really just another alcoholic haze Dow?

Just what are you trying to say, ‘c’?!

(…He said, mopping up the glass of whiskey he just spilled on his computer keyboard…)

Just imagine when the Folkworks kiddies get old enough to drink (legally). They’ll be even gobbier than they already are! 🙂

Don’t waste the precious brew Dow, get down there and suck it up before it all evaporates…

Gobbier?! ~ AAAAAAAAAAA!!! ~ the horror of it all… It will be worse than the film “28 Days Later”… Where will we run to? ~ the Outer Hebrides? ~ Tasmania? ~ the Swedish Archipelego?

At least the good stuff, like the single malts, will be safe. They probably only drink those bright florescent sickeningly sweet things that come in little bottles, or those weird vodka jellies made with rubbing alcohol…

Don’t let’s go to Tassie. They’re as inbred down there as they are in the northeast of England. Mind you, the extra fingers are useful for the music. Especially if you want to add extra low notes onto a whistle or stretch up to top B and C on a banjo.

That leaves Maine out too… I like Newfoundland, if they’ll take us…

i think the outer hebridies would be a good place to run away to. its lush there. islay is good. lots of whiskey. yeah folkworks is very good at keeping me off the street. well no actually. i busk on the street but im not a chav which is good. i would rather you lined up all the chavs and shot them instead of folkworks people cos if you shot us then folk music would die out!!! shock horror. and anyways this tune is great.

“~ then folk music would die out!!!” 😀 I don’t know whether I’m laughing at that or the painful revelation that some of you drink Islay malt… AAAAAAA!!! Is no place safe?

yes Dow we love you so much that we have invented a rule in a card game that concerns your intriguing name.

and this tune is fabulous, thank you woD for posting!!!

Folkworks? What’s that?

Oh my god, C, the last time the Folkwork-ites got together it was to WATCH 28 days later (coincidence or is ceo an infiltrator??)

Anyway I’d suggest Barrow, Alaska, for refuge.

And, Dow, about the drinking, somewhere else in this mustard there is a discussion and critique of our drinking habits.

Good job I don’t drink otherwise I’d end up a right woD

i wouldn’t be able to bear the shame…

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Hey mehitabel, I thought you were just about to break out in song somewhere else? You chanteuse you… 😀

Yes, I am perpetually on the edge of breaking out into song!

How is this tune still here??? Much as I love it.

Yes, well, Mr. Unger let’s them lie as long as he gets the credit…and there are worse things on site than this, though some may disagree…

Go one mehitabel, go over the edge… 😉



Now wasn’t that nice?

Now the alphabet song:

“a b t th j h kh, d dh r z s sh sw, dw tw zw a gh f q….”
(can’t remember the last bit)

How about something from “Oliver”, the musical?

Consider yourself at home.
Consider yourself one of the family.
We’ve taken to you so strong.
It’s clear we’re going to get along!

mehtiabel you really are a brilliant singer.
i cannot get to my love if i would die
^^ thats reed house rant 🙂
did you know the alphabet song is the same as twinkle twinkle little star 🙂

..and baa baa black sheep!

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omg i never realised that! i am such a dunce :( lol

Mares eat oats
And does eat oats,
And little lambs eat ivy,
A kid’ll eat ivy too,
Wouldn’t you… 🙂


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It’s high altitude sickness… It’ll pass…

oats and wheat and barley grow 🙂 lol

The water of tyne lies between him and meeeeeeeeee