Brendan McCann’s Visit reel

By Paddy O’Brien

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Brendan McCann's Visit
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:dB B2 dGBd|cBcd efge|dB B2 dGBG|A2 FA DAFA|
dB B2 dGBd|cBcd efge|dG (3Bcd gdBG|1 FGAF G2 ge:|2 FGAF G2 Bc||
|:dB B2 dBgb|aged efge|dB B2 dGBG|AD (3EFG ABcA|
dB B2 dBgb|agef g3 e|dG (3Bcd gdBG|1 FGAF G2 Bc:|2 FGAF G2 ge||
X: 2
T: Brendan McCann's Visit
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|dB B2 dGBd|cBcd e2 ge|dB B2 dGBG|A2 FA DAFA|
dB B2 dGBd|cBcd efge|dGBd gdBG|FGAF GABc||
d3e dGBd|cBcd e3f|g2gf gdBG|A3 F DFAd|
dB B2 dBgB|aged efge|dB B2 dBGB|cABG ABce|
dB B2 dBgB|agef g3 e|dG (3Bcd gdBG|FGAF G2 Bc||
dB B2 dBgB|aged efge|dB B2 DGBd|cAA^G ABce|
dB B2 dBgB|agef g3 e|dG (3Bcd gdBG|FGAF G2 Bc||

Twenty-eight comments

"The Elder" Paddy O’Brien Composition

Paddy O’Brien of Nenagh Co. Tipperary wrote this reel. I learned it from Colin Nea’s album "The Pure Box". In the sleeve notes he attributes the tune to Father Kelly, but having heard Eileen O’Brien play it on Geantrai and have the tune attributed to her father, I’m convinced it’s one of Paddy’s. We can always verify it by checking his book of compositions, and I’d be glad if someone could as I don’t have it.

Nice tune though all the same. Has that Paddy O’Brien trait of being a mangling of a load of different trad tunes but, hey, I couldn’t do it.

Please don’t do this!

I’d appreciate if none of you stuck "Paddy O’Brien’s" as an alternative title. Thank you.

"Brendan McCann’s Visit" ~ C: Paddy O’Brien

"The Compositions of Paddy O’Brien"
J.D.C. Publications Ltd., 1992

Page 50: "Brendan McCann’s Visit"

Pretty much as given, except with lead-ins for the two parts ~

A-part ~ |: ge | ~ | FGAF G2 :|
B-part ~ |: Bc | ~ | FGAF G2 :|

Thanks ‘c’. That’s verified that. Glad to see it’s close to the original too.

Almost right on ~ actually, it is, as the few differences are not notewise… Even the lead-ins are there, you’ve just included them as first and second endings… It’s a lovely tune, but I’m partial to his tunes anyway…

Sure about gender ?

Are you sure it’s not BRENDA McCann ? Great fiddler from Fermanagh - see my comments on "The Humours Of Swanlinbar" on the "Hidden Fermanagh Vol.1 CD".
And Paddy - some eejit’s put it in as "Paddy O’Brien’s" with the resulting chaos. You, as the person who posted it, can edit and delete the alternative title.

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Well it’s definitely Brendan according to Colin Nea’s album. I would say it’s Brendan if ‘c’ posted it under that name as he has the book of compositions, presumabely.

Thanks for telling me that Kenny. I never knew I could edit the alternative titles.

I reckon there’s an idiot creeping around these parts…


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The book has it as Brendan, a different neighbourhood… 😉

wod, was it you? 🙁

Forget it. Let him/her have his fun for the time being…jeez, why can’t people grow up!

I hand myself in! Sorry Paddy, I won’t do it again.

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Sorry lads, my mistake - I should have checked first. Colin Nea’s notes are quite specific about Brendan McCann. And it is Brendan in the book. Nice tune - thanks for posting it, Paddy.

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But ~ it wouldn’t be the first time a book got a tune name wrong, or confused, or mixed up… There are Brendans and Brendas involved in this music with the surname McCann… I’ve seen this listed elsewhere as "Brendan McCann’s Visit", does anyone actually know the story behind the tune? ~ the title? Many folk travelled to meet Paddy, and to share music and a pint with him in his favourite pub…

I’m not familiar with the recording, is there anything else said about the tune in the notes?

Oh yes ~ "he attributes the tune to Father Kelly" ~ nevermind… 😏

oh it was YOU woD
who are you anyway?
i reckon we should be friends

Quick Paddy, axe that "Paddy O’Brien’s"… It also has happened with Sean Ryan compositions…


" … a Paddy O’Brien composition in honour of Brendan McCann, who is from Moate, Co.Westmeath, but has lived in America for many years."

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Kenny, where are those notes from. It’s no longer Paddy O’Brien’s! All is forgiven woD 🙂

I’ve no background info to the tune. Other than Colin Nea, I’ve only heard it played by Eileen O’Brien (Paddy’s daughter) on geantrai. Gerry ‘banjo’ O’Connor who was that week’s presenter said that the set of reels she played where ones composed by Paddy. He gave "Brendan McCann’s Visit" the title of the first one there too. Well, that’s as much as I can scrape out of the barrell’s end. Definitely a tune which deserves more recognition though!

From the sleeve-notes accompanying Colin Nea’s cassette, which I bought a couple of years ago from a music shop in Inverurie, near Aberdeen. How it got there, I’ve no idea.

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Really? I seem to have misplaced my copy of the notes from the CD version but I’m almost convinced they are different and Colin called this a Father Kelly tune.

Don’t think so…

Not on the cassette notes. Fr.Kelly was mentioned in relation to another tune, but not this one. If it was one of Fr.Kelly’s compositions, what would it be doing in Paddy O’Brien’s book ?
There’s no mistake here, Paddy. I looked at the cassette insert, and Paddy O’Brien’s book last night. Sorry to have been the source of confusion.

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You? ~ never… Thanks for the added information, appreciated…

Not at all, thanks Kenny. I knew it wasn’t a Father Kelly tune but I’m just surprised the cassette notes state it as a Paddy O’Brien tune and the CD ones call it a Father Kelly one. Hey, maybe I’m mistaken. I’ll have to look at the notes again when I find. I’d really hate to find out I was mistaken and the source of confusion. Well, whatever Colin says on the CD, it’s definitely a Paddy O’Brien tune so I’ll leave it! 🙂

Eileen writes in the book:
"Brendan McCann (Accordianist) originally of Moate in Co. Westmeath now living in U.S.A. visited Paddy during his final illness. This reel was transcribed by Eileen at Paddy’s bedside following Brendan’s visit. Eileen have this title to the reel and this reel along with Mary Casey’s reel (named after Paddy’s sister Mary) form a selection."

excuse the typo "gave this title"