Dean Brig O’ Edinburgh strathspey

Also known as The Dean Brig O’ Edinburgh, Dean Brig Of Edinburgh, The Dean Brig Of Edinburgh, The Dean Brig, Miss Gray Of Carse.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Dean Brig O' Edinburgh
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Fdor
|:E/4F/4G/4A/4|B3/2c/ .B/e3/2 B/G3/2{AG^F}G3/2.=F/|E3/2.F/{EF}G3/2.F/ E/B,3/2{CB,^A,} B,3/2=B,/|
C3/2.E/B,3/2.E/ A,3/2.E/G,3/2E/|C3/2F{GF=E}F3/2_E/ D/E/F/D/ B,3/2G/|
B3/2c/B/e3/2 B/G3/2{AG^F}G3/2=F/|E3/2.F/{EF}G3/2.F/ E/B,3/2{CB,=A,} B,3/2=B,/|
C3/2A/B,3/2G/ A,3/2F/G,3/2c/|B3/2c/B/D3/2 E2E/:|
|:f|.g/e3/2e3/2g/ .f/d3/2d3/2f/|.e/c3/2c3/2=a/ b/B3/2B_d|
.c/A3/2A3/2c/ .B/G3/2GB|.c/F3/2{GF=E} F3/2._E/ D/E/F/D/ B,3/2.F/|
G/E3/2{FED}E3/2.G/ F/D3/2{EDC}D3/2.F/|E/C3/2{DC=B,}C3/2=A/ _B/B,3/2{CB,=A,}B,3/2.E/|
C3/2A/B,3/2G/ A,3/2F/G,3/2c/|B3/2c/B/D3/2 E2E:|

Ten comments

Dean Brig o’ Edinburgh

This version of one of our best slow strathspeys is transcripted verbatim from a book of Scottish misic by W. Honeyman. When I can find the book again, hopefully I can give you the composer. I’m sure someone will be able to post it before then. The key is actually E flat but isn’t listed in the key list. Learn it (if you must) without the grace notes then add them in to your own taste.

Dean Brig o’ Edinburgh

….. Scottish music….

Dean Brig o’ Edinburgh

Also play it back slowly on your ABC player, e.g. 17 on AbcNavigator2.

Dean Brig o’ Edinburgh

Composed by the Rev. Tough but improved by Peter Milne according to William C. Honeyman in his booklet “ The Strathpey Reel and Hornpipe Tutor “

A bit of a quandary

This tune was also recorded by Joe Burke on “The Tailor’s Choice.” But, I’m loath to add another name for the tune, since it’s listed on the website as “Slow Strahspey: Dean Brig of Edinburgh.” Do I just add the wrong spelling and all, or what?

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The Dean Brig: To hear a good fiddler play this is really something else.

One of THE great tunes, this. I wondered how long it would take someone to brave the thickets of the available key categories to enter it.

Re the composer.From James Hunter’s collection “The Fiddle Music Of Scotland”

‘Airche Allan (1794-1837) of Forfar was thought to have been a fiddler in Nathaniels Gow’s band for a time.His cousin James Allan was also a famous fiddler.The oringinal title was “Miss Gray Of Carse” ,but it was taken up by and played into popularity under it’s present name by Peter Milne.’

Scott Skinner

There is a good resource on the web from Aberdeen University that includes the Scott Skinner version attributed to Archie Allan and this great tune with notes and background. Other tunes too.

The Dean Brig o’ Edinburgh

From James Scott Skinner’s ‘Harp and Claymore Collection’:

“The original title of this tune was “Miss Gray of Carse”. The Rev. Mr Tough, Kinnoul, got hold of a copy and gave it to Davie of Aberdeen, who published it in his ‘Caledonian Repository’ as Mr Tough’s [composition] under the new name of “Dean Bridge.” The tune was ably revised by Peter Milne, and Middleton in his book made the mistake of assigning it to him. Ultimately both the minister’s name and Peter’s were withdrawn, and the tune was credited to its rightful author, Archie Allan of Forfar, who was one of the very best players and composers of his day.”

I love this tune, and love playing it too.